Berries & Cream Mini Trifles

Layers of cake and custard, jam and fruit – topped off with whipped cream: these adorable individual berries & cream mini trifles are perfect for a picnic or backyard gathering.

Oh friends, we are on the cusp of two full months of summer adventures! My brain has been swirling with ideas and plans for weeks; now it’s time to jump into action. Campsites are booked, picnic gear is out and ready, and I’m making lists upon lists of warm weather seasonal eats.

At the top of the dessert list are these Berries & Cream Mini Trifles. They can accommodate any berry that is ripening in your garden (right now wild strawberries are prolific) and are perfectly portable.

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Spinach Feta Salad with Crispy Filo Chips

A simple, incredibly delicious Spinach Feta Salad that’s only five ingredients and great for any season.

My Big Fat Greek Feta tour started with an invitation from the EU to attend a press trip hosted by the Feta PDO consortium. Feta is a cheese that I always have on hand, but admittedly, I haven’t featured it very much in recipes beyond a salad garnish here or there.

As a chef, I’m constantly learning about new ingredients and techniques, so I had to say yes to this opportunity. A trip to the Feta heartland of Thessaly and the gastronomical destination of Thessaloniki? Yes please.

It turned out to be the experience of a lifetime – and has inspired a flurry of new recipes in the Simple Bites kitchen, like today’s Spinach Feta Salad. Read on!

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Cranberry Orange Eton Mess Recipe

Simple yet elegant, a Cranberry Orange Eton Mess is an easy, do-ahead holiday dessert.

I‘ve always loved the combination of soft whipped cream, crunchy meringues and winter fruit. Who doesn’t?

In the past I’ve paired those ingredients in an elegant cranberry curd tart. And I’ve married the same in my Mini Citrus Pavlova. Both of those desserts are wonderful, and have been my Christmas sweets for years now.

Today’s recipe for Cranberry Orange Eton Mess simplifies this trio even more – and delivers all the favourite flavours. With everything that this year has been, we need easy recipes more than ever.

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What to Cook and Bake in November

Frost on the windshield of the car or not, I’m still popping into my local farmer’s market early every Saturday morning and loading up on gorgeous seasonal produce.

I can see my breath in the crisp air as I move from stall to stall. From just-picked pears to newly pulled carrots, the harvest from this year continues to inspire.

From breakfast to dinner, here’s what to cook and bake in November. You’ll definitely want to chop up a pumpkin for comforting soup, roast beets for a vibrant dip, and peel carrots for a classic beef stew.

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Apple Cider Gingerbread Bundt Cake

If you love the lightness of an apple cider cake and the deep flavours of a gingerbread bundt cake, then you’ll appreciate that this bundt cake has the best of both.

Every autumn in the Simple Bites kitchen there is a window of time when no dessert but a simple snacking cake will do.

This sweet spot is nestled right in between the pie socials of October and the Twelve Days of Holiday Baking Projects in December.

During this cozy season at home, we’re craving neither pie nor cookies, but comforting cakes, served up in thick slices, any time of day or night.

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