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If you have a question or wish to contact me for some reason, you should use the form at the bottom of this page… but only after you’ve first taken a minute to read the frequently asked questions below, as you may find the answer you are looking for.


I noticed you haven’t answered my email? I still have a question about that recipe.

Thanks for writing, but please understand that due to the high volume of email that I receive, I simply can’t respond to every single one. Not if I want to put my family first, which I do. I don’t have a virtual assistant, so please know that every email is seen by my eyes. Thank you for your understanding.

I’d like to advertise on Simple Bites. Who should I talk to?

I’m glad you asked. You can head to the advertising page.  You should be good from there.

I’ve got a great guest post all written up for you! So where shall I send it?

Simple Bites is currently not accepting any unsolicited guest post inquiries at this time. The best way to get a guest post slot is to get to know me via social media and in commenting. The few guest posters you see are some of the most loyal, faithful readers around and know this niche inside and out.

Here I am on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and on Instagram I’m aimeebourque. Let’s connect!

Will you promote my cool yolk separator/baby bib/organic hummus?

I get a lot of emails asking me to review items. I occasionally host giveaways, review products or feature sponsored posts, but even then very rarely do I promote a product, service, or site that I don’t already use.

You can fill out the contact form below or email me directly at [email protected]

I made one of your dishes and it was tasty! Can I republish your original recipe and your photos on my blog?

Please don’t. Those images and recipes, not to mention, all text are my intellectual property and are protected under copyright. Please do not use anything without my explicit permission. Please always ask first using the contact form below.

Of course you are always welcome to write about your experience with my recipe in your own words, and direct readers back to Simple Bites with a simple link.

I’m doing a round-up of crockpot meals/zucchini recipes/holiday cookies. May I use an image of yours and link back to Simple Bites?

Please ask first, but I will most likely say yes.

I want to buy a pot set/knife set/place setting for the dining room table. What do you recommend?

Over the years, I’ve written a few posts detailing my favorite cook wear, knives, and kitchens gadgets. You can find them here:

I write for a magazine/newspaper/online community. Would you be able to provide a quote on canning/urban chickens/fridge management?

Thanks for asking – as long as you give me a reasonable time turnaround, I would be happy to provide you with a quote. Please use the contact form below to make your request.

You look familiar. Have we met before?

You may know me from my longtime running blog, Under the High Chair (all content now moved here to Simplebites!). It began as a food blog back in 2006 (a lifetime ago, in blog math) and has now transitioned into my sadly neglected, yet beloved personal blog. Over there I write more about motherhood, everyday life, and, of course, rant a little about this and that.

Where can I read more about you in the press?

Thanks for your interest. This section is coming soon! In the meantime, you can read about my sentimental Saveur award.