Creamy Bacon, Leek and Mushroom Fettuccine

Featuring new leeks, wild mushrooms and fresh garden thyme, this Creamy Bacon, Leek and Mushroom Fettuccine is simple, seasonal comfort food.

With winter just around the corner, I’m looking for more excuses to slow down and savour time around the table.

Today’s recipe is so delicious, your family won’t want to be anywhere else except where you are dishing up this creamy pasta.

Might I suggest you bookmark this recipe for one of those first cool nights of fall. Then light a few candles, pour a glass of wine and twirl a bowl of mushroom fettuccine.

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Springtime Penne with Asparagus Stem Pesto

A low-waste, vegetarian dish that highlights seasonal Mediterranean ingredients.

A craving for pasta and a well-stocked pantry inspired this weeknight dinner of Springtime Penne with Asparagus Stem Pesto.

This recipe combines wholesome Mediterranean ingredients, like artichokes and olives, with durum wheat pasta and a vibrant pesto.

It’s nourishing comfort food with big, bright flavours and all comes together in under thirty minutes.

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How to Make Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

Two recipes for creamy homemade macaroni and cheese – classic and deluxe – made from scratch. Essential comfort food for all.

A friend recently asked me for my homemade macaroni and cheese recipe, after a meal we shared together. Our combined six children had made short work of the baked casserole – no surprise there!

It was then I realized that I never use a recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese. I always cook by instinct – béchamel + pasta + cheese – each time adapting the recipe to use what I have on hand.

Well, it’s high time I share my method for homemade macaroni and cheese here on the blog. This has felt like the longest March absolutely ever and comfort food has seldom been so necessary.

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Classic Beef Stew with Root Vegetables

A simple, classic beef stew with root vegetables, full of flavour and served up family style.

This dish really needs very little introduction. It’s a big pot of comforting beef stew, featuring a good balance of meat and vegetables.

Two cookbooks and a decade of recipe writing, I’ve never shared a beef stew recipe. Why now? Because my children are asking for my method and I’m finally putting it down in writing.

Stew should be simple, and this one is just that, with a whole lot of well-rounded flavour.

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Simple Butter Chicken with Chickpeas

A simple stovetop butter chicken recipe, rounded out with chickpeas and served with basmati rice. A comforting family meal from the whole foods pantry.

There are a few recipes I turn to in the winter months both for their ease of preparation and popularity score around the family table.

It’s a bonus if I can make a double batch and it’s just as tasty – or better – after being frozen. Today’s recipe checks all of those boxes.

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