Blueberry Lemonade Smoothie

This simple blueberry lemonade smoothie recipe is an ideal nourishing snack and brings a little sunshine on dreary winter days.

Here’s a vibrant, tangy sip that will make you temporarily forget about the cold. Seriously, how is it still January? Christmas seems like a distant memory.

If you are looking to wake up your taste buds, then this is the recipe for you. We throw the lemon – peel and all – into the blender, and then balance out the sourness with sweet blueberries (from that freezer stash of course!).

This is the time of year that I stock Simple Bites kitchen full of ingredients for smoothies. Frozen fruits and vegetables, non-dairy milks, jars of seeds and nut butters – this is my one of strategies for healthy eating in winter.

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Asparagus and Lobster Grilled Cheese

An East Coast-inspired Asparagus, Brie and Lobster Grilled Cheese that’s completely decadent and packed with flavour.

Our wedding anniversary is this weekend but we won’t be marking the occasion by dining out. Instead I’ve chilled a bottle of bubbly and we’ll pick out a few live lobsters from our local fish shack.

A springtime Lobster Niçoise Salad is on the menu (my fave!) but since we’re celebrating over few days, I’m stocking ingredients for this Asparagus and Lobster Grilled Cheese, too.

Tender young asparagus, paired with fresh-caught lobster and a salty goat Brie cheese makes this a sandwich worth remembering. It’s crisped up with a Celery Seed Butter and garnished with spicy preserved lemon. Delicious!

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A Simple Fried Egg Tostada

An easy, 5-ingredient dish that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

As spring flirts with us here in the Maritimes, we’re spending more and more time outdoors. With all the fresh air comes increased appetites, and a fried egg tostada is one of our favourite fast meals.

I’m back with another super simple recipe for kids, beginner cooks, or anyone who needs a quick bite. While the 5-ingredient Cinnamon Toast with Ricotta and Strawberries satiates the sweet tooth, today’s dish is all about savoury.

So grab a skillet and a stack of corn tortillas because fried egg tostadas are on our Cinco de Mayo menu!

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Cinnamon Toast with Ricotta and Strawberries

A simple and vibrant five-ingredient recipe that kids can make (for mom!). Features fresh berries, creamy cheese and crispy cinnamon toast.

Today, and over the next few weeks, I’m hoping to inspire you with a couple of five-ingredient recipes. They can work for breakfast, lunch or snack, because meals are more flexible these days at home.

Since kids have stopped going to school, my most frequent request from parents is ‘What are some simple lunch ideas for kids?” I get it. They roam the kitchen like a pack of wild animals, looking for handouts.

So I’ve also simplified these recipes for the kiddos, because self-sufficiency is important. Read on for lunch ideas and a simple cinnamon toast recipe anyone can make.

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DIY Power Bites, Granola Bars and other healthy snacks

I‘ve been feeling like we’re in a bit of a post-holiday baking slump here. I know, that didn’t take long.

But you can hardly blame me. For most of December, Saturdays were for swirl buns and Sundays for scones. The kids and I rolled, cut and frosted dozens of shortbread cookies and gingerbread men. It was a delicious few weeks, but hardly a balanced diet.

And so, to pass the time on a bad weather snow day, Clara and I met up in the kitchen this week to make power bites. This productive activity nicely filled our holiday baking void – and topped up the freezer with a healthy snack, perfect for my teatime and her lunchbox.

In case you’re also looking for a similar kitchen project with delicious results, today’s post contains a round-up of all my nutritious and portable snacks that are easy to make with kids.

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