Berries & Cream Mini Trifles

Layers of cake and custard, jam and fruit – topped off with whipped cream: these adorable individual berries & cream mini trifles are perfect for a picnic or backyard gathering.

Oh friends, we are on the cusp of two full months of summer adventures! My brain has been swirling with ideas and plans for weeks; now it’s time to jump into action. Campsites are booked, picnic gear is out and ready, and I’m making lists upon lists of warm weather seasonal eats.

At the top of the dessert list are these Berries & Cream Mini Trifles. They can accommodate any berry that is ripening in your garden (right now wild strawberries are prolific) and are perfectly portable.

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Spinach Feta Salad with Crispy Filo Chips

A simple, incredibly delicious Spinach Feta Salad that’s only five ingredients and great for any season.

My Big Fat Greek Feta tour started with an invitation from the EU to attend a press trip hosted by the Feta PDO consortium. Feta is a cheese that I always have on hand, but admittedly, I haven’t featured it very much in recipes beyond a salad garnish here or there.

As a chef, I’m constantly learning about new ingredients and techniques, so I had to say yes to this opportunity. A trip to the Feta heartland of Thessaly and the gastronomical destination of Thessaloniki? Yes please.

It turned out to be the experience of a lifetime – and has inspired a flurry of new recipes in the Simple Bites kitchen, like today’s Spinach Feta Salad. Read on!

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How to Plan a Picnic

Simple strategies on how to plan a picnic, including tips for what to bring and why.

Nova Scotia summers are a continuous invitation to bring dinner outdoors and I’m happy to accept. The beach beckons to us on sunny days and I’ve always got a basket at the ready.

It occurs to me that with all my writings on dining al fresco, I’ve never specifically divulged on how to plan a picnic. Today’s post summarizes the best of my knowledge with practical tips on what to bring and why it matters.

Get ready for a memorable outing – here’s how to plan a picnic!

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Top 10 Things to Do in Nova Scotia

An insider’s list of the Top 10 things to do in Nova Scotia. A family-friendly travel guide for all budgets and all explorers.

Four years ago we made a lifestyle decision and chose Nova Scotia for our home province. You know the story. Ever since we’ve had many adventures exploring nearly every corner. We’ve road tripped from Yarmouth to Meat Cove, and from Advocate Harbour to Louisbourg. We’ve paddled in Kejimkujik and hiked in the Cape Breton Highlands.

One thing is certain: we love Nova Scotia more than ever. And I am so proud to bring you my list of top 10 things to do in this ocean province. Travel virtually with me, or make plans to come visit very soon.

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Recipe for Paska: Ukrainian Easter Bread

A simple recipe for Paska, a traditional Ukrainian bread that is baked in a tin and served during the Easter season.

As some of you may know, my family has a rich Ukrainian heritage. My maternal grandparents were born in Ukraine, but grew up on the Canadian Prairies. My Baba indelibly influenced my homesteading practices, including home canning, batch cooking, gardening and more.

As this horrible war on our motherland unfolds, my family and I are advocating, praying, donating and believing for a peaceful end soon. Each day I continue to bear witness to the war on Ukraine – I feel it is the least we all can do.

Even with all the sufffering, we still have Hope: Easter is just a few weeks away. I have so few words these days, just a crushing weight of emotions, which is why I bake and cook. Today’s recipe is very special to our culture; read on to learn about Paska.

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