Weekend links: Back-to-school edition

Full disclosure: this week I was at the beach with friends and our kids instead of recipe developing and preparing for the start of school.

Glorious warm weather and a desire to hold onto summer just a little bit longer kept me out of the kitchen, and hence, I have no snappy back-to-school post for you. A few local media outlets even reached out, wondering if I had new lunchbox inspiration to share, and I had to mumble something about still catching up from vacation (entirely true, by the way).

School starts on Monday for my boys and maybe next week I’ll kick into high gear with homemade everything for the lunchbox from muffins to applesauce, chicken nuggets to cereal bars. I’ll get there in my own time, although between you and me, my friend Elizabeth’s idea for a laid-back barbecue sounds like more fun right now.

Rainbow-parfaits-to-go || Via Healthy Seasonal DelishPhoto by Katie of Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Weekend links: back to school edition

I may have been slacking, but many of my online friends were not. There’s a ton of inspiration for back-to-school week around the web, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite ideas. You know, all the recipes I wish I was creating and sharing here…

Peach Pie Overnight Oats just seem like the way to go for busy school mornings when it’s still as hot as heck outdoors.

The same goes for Katie’s to-go Rainbow Parfaits. Seasonal fruit, Greek yogurt and granola? I’m in. (Pictured above!)

Of course, if you don’t mind turning the oven on… I’d definitely recommend trying this cinnamon plum baked oatmeal with toasted almonds while plums are in season.

Since we’re baking and celebrating stone fruits, Tieghan’s Zucchini Peach Streusel Muffins look absolutely perfect for breakfast or a lunchbox snack. Really, I wouldn’t say no to one any time of day.

3-ingredient pepperoni pizza sticks are sure to be a massive hit with my boys. In fact, I’m planning on getting them involved in the process, using our favourite bread dough instead of store-bought.

Another 3-ingredient recipe is from Weelicious: Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups. Fast, simple and popular with the kids.

Quebec blueberries

While local blueberries are still in season, we’re going to be making this Creamy Blueberry and Vanilla smoothie on repeat – for breakfast, lunches or after school snacks.

Amy from Mom Advice shared The Best Lunch Box Hacks and the post is packed (pun intended) with great ideas.

It shouldn’t surprise you that I’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to School Lunches, so definitely check that out for more ideas.

The week in photos

pickles in brine

It’s picking time! My cucumbers and dill just finished in the garden, but not before we packed several jars of sandwich pickles and processed them for later.

Beach lunch

A beach lunch is the best lunch. August has been so beautiful! It’s not the ocean, but Oka beach is still a blast for the kids.

beach play

Beach play and sandcastle sculpting.

Birthday snacks

It was also my birthday last week, which is another reason I’ve been slacking. I celebrated all weekend long, but relaxing on the patio with snacks and G&T’s was most memorable.

Arthur's Nosh Bar

We also checked out the new Arthur’s Nosh Bar with the kids and happily ate up perogies and smoked salmon on bagels.

August veg

August produce at its finest! These are some of our favourite market buys this time of year.

cake ella

I partnered with my friend Angela for a layers birthday cake for her one-year-old Ella. It was simple and summery, decorated with flowers from my garden. Happy Birthday, Ella!

That’s it! Friends, happy back to school week, whether you are taking a laid-back or all-in approach!

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  1. Hey girl love the pics! Happy belated Birthday!

  2. gorgeous photos, and I can’t *wait* to try out that plum oatmeal. I’m making 3 sets of new-baby family meals this week so I needed some inspiration! Thank you.
    Sarah M

  3. No need to apologize for taking care of yourself and your family by doing as little as possible. I hope you are all settling into your school routines.

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