Weekend Links and Salute Spring Produce Series Begins

It is safe to say that spring has arrived in my northern region. Rhubarb is sprouting in my backyard, fiddleheads are available at the market, and I know sweet strawberries are on their way.

Spring produce has to be the most divine of ingredients and easy to gush over. After months of awkward root vegetables, clumsy squash and pasty bulbs, arrives delicate pea shoots, blush-colored rhubarb and poised asparagus. It’s another class of fruits and vegetables entirely, and merits our full attention and appreciation.

Salute Spring!

This week launches our Salute Spring produce series, and I have assembled a team of experts to bring you their take on these ingredients. Here’s what coming up every day this week:

Next Sunday I’ll wrap the series with a round-up of recipes featuring these five favorite fruits and vegetables of the season. So don’t go anywhere!

Weekend Link Love

Here are a few articles and recipes that caught my eye this week:

Last but not least, Shannon has a new ebook! It’s titled Simple Food {for spring} and I can’t wait to jump into those recipes. It seems we share similar admiration for spring produce.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and if you’re a mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. ohh the spring! that makes me happy though it came a bit late this year i think
    i live in florida .it is hot!!!!! in the summer so i have to enjoy the cool time that left
    like your post and recipes!

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