Weekend Reading: More Great Canning Recipes

Our Canning 101 series wraps up today. Are you inspired yet?

I’ll tell you, I’m buying the first case of peaches that shows up at the market and I’m not stopping there. All the recipes left me itching to can! I’m ready to stop editing posts and talking about canning–I’m ready to get my kitchen really, really sticky!

We’ve covered a lot of ground, wouldn’t you agree? A post on The Basics got us out of the gate with a bang, after which we moved onto Tomatoes, followed by Fruit Butters without looking back. We reached our stride with Cherry Preserves and Peaches, while an introduction to Lacto-Fermentation pushed some of us out of our comfort zones. Nectarine-Raspberry Jam brought us down the home stretch and was a sweet ending to a good run.

Thank you to everyone who followed our series and contributed such savvy comments. Also, thank you to my contributors who shared their knowledge willingly in hopes of inspiring a new generation of canners.

Now, we’d love to hear about what you are canning in your kitchen–or have plans to can. Feel free to share with us in the comments section.

Of course, we couldn’t cover everything in just one week, and so here are some more recipes to peruse. I’d be happy with a shelf full of these sweet and savory preserves in my pantry! Hmm, I guess I had better get busy.

Happy canning everyone!



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  1. Such a great series, Aimee! I’m inspired and will be canning the
    month of August away.

  2. So many links and I want to do the ALL. 🙂

  3. I’ve got 30lbs of apricots on my kitchen counter waiting to ripen. And then I really want to find some free stone peaches, which for some reason have disappeared from Ontario in the last 10 years. I’ve got this ‘Peaches in Brandy’ recipe that I’m dying to try.

  4. I’m wishing I had challah to enjoy my Raspberry and Tonka Bean jam in the morning. This has been a great series!

  5. Thanks for all the great information! I’m planning on canning this year… for the first time! My garden looks like it’s going to be full of tomatoes & cucumbers, so pickles and canned tomatoes for sure. I also think I’m going to try some apple butter after we take our yearly apple orchard trip.

  6. Karen Robert says

    I have never tried canning, but fantasize about it. I always tell myself that I will do it someday when I have more time, but I am feeling more inspired to try it after this article. Thanks.

  7. I’ve made various jams and butters already this year. My favorite so far is the strawberry lemonade jam I came up with. Now I’m looking forward to canning tomatoes in August and peaches in the next week or two. Then this fall it will be on to applesauce.

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