Weekend Links

Happy May!

Here in Canada, we’re far enough into spring to start planning our gardens. On the Simple Bites urban homestead we’re sprouting seeds, digging up earth and dreaming about shortening our food chain.

Everything about growing my own food makes me happy and this year, it makes more sense than ever. I’m grocery shopping infrequently which means fresh herbs and greens are the ingredients I run out of first.

Anyway, gardening aside, here’s a list for reading – and listening – that I enjoyed this week.

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Weekend Links

In case you were wondering, today is Saturday.

We’ve got a slow weekend at home ahead, puttering in the yard and cooking more comfort food.

I hope you’re able to sit with a second cup of coffee and do a little reading.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite articles and recipes from the web that I’ve collected over the past few weeks. Don’t worry, it’s not all pandemic related!

Read on for those picks and don’t miss my tips for a date night in at the end of the post.

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A Few Favourite Cookbooks from 2019

Where are my cookbook lovers at? This round-up is for you.

There were so many incredible cookbooks released this year, however today’s list contains only the books I had a chance to cook from and read cover to cover. Hence, the recommendations!

There are dozens more that I loved, drooled over, and longing flipped through at the bookstore, but I can’t personally vouch for how the recipes work, so they are not on this list. (I’ll share my wishlist before we wrap up, though).

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Weekend Links

After the ice storm earlier this week, it’s finally starting to warm up around here and I couldn’t be more ready for sunshine.

Instead of our usual Sunday dinner, we’re planning a campfire for today – the first of the year. The kids are asking for my campfire mac and cheese and I can’t wait to cook – and eat – out in the fresh air. There isn’t a speck of green in the forest yet, but my rhubarb is popping out of the ground and that is the only indication of Spring I need for now.

In case you’re curled up with a cup of coffee, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite links around the web for this week. My boys decided to have a pillow fight at five-thirty this morning, so I’ve had plenty of time to browse and read. Enjoy!

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Eleventh Hour Weekend Links

We’ve just landed back at home, travel-weary, but feeling revitalized after our winter adventures in British Columbia.

I spent the time offline, for the most part (cell reception on the side of a mountain isn’t exactly reliable), and that was a much-needed break. The rest, the immersion in the quiet woods, the thrill of hurtling down a slope on skis  – it all brought inspiration, and I have a lot of kitchen adventures in the plans. I’m eager to jump back into work this week.

For now, here’s a round-up of links I’ve been reading in the airports while in transit. There’s still a bit of the weekend left for us, and for the rest of you, consider this your Monday motivation. Enjoy!

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