Sea Salt Focaccia with Radish Ramp Butter

Like each of my monthly #EatSeasonal recipes, today’s post was inspired by a couple of ingredients that are coming into their own right about now.

It wasn’t until I had worked out the kinks of the recipe and started photographing the dish, that I realized my Sea Salt Focaccia with Radish Ramp Butter would make a delightful addition to a Mother’s Day tea. Perhaps because of the blush pink spread or the sheer decadence of crusty white bread slathered with butter, but this recipe denotes a fancy tea and deserves as much.

(Oh hey, if you are going the afternoon tea route next Sunday, may I suggest these Herbed Avocado Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches and maybe these Triple Berry Scones. And then please invite me over.)

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20 recipes featuring favorite June produce

It’s June, or the season where we flit from one display of fresh new produce to the next like a bumblebee in a field of clover. It can hardly be helped. Each proud arrangement of soldier-like asparagus or blushing round radishes is a beautiful thing and must be admired – at least until we spy the baskets filled with the first local strawberries, that is.

With the absolute deluge of rain we’ve been having, it’s been hard to get into summer. We haven’t had that first real heat wave that stops you in your tracks with its humidity and prompts an immediate trip to the refrigerator for a cool drink. It is only when I make it out to my local market and see the seasonal produce speeding ahead toward mid-summer that I realize, oh, right. We’re halfway through June.

Then I buzz from stall to stall, loading up on sweet cherry tomatoes, firm melons, heaps of greens and more. With our lack of sun, my garden is suffering something fierce, so for now, I’m stockpiling at the marché.

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My favourite appetizer for easy warm-weather entertaining (Sweet Pea and Parmesan Tartines)

Part of my warm-weather entertaining manifesto is to keep my gatherings as simple as possible. This encompasses everything from table décor to beverages, and most importantly, food. We host several dinners and social soirées in the spring and summer months, and I’m always on the look out for easy-to-execute lip-smacking appetizers that deliver impressive tastes to my guests. Luckily, these tartines fit the bill perfectly.

While the name sounds highly impressive, tartines (or crostinis) are really nothing more than slices of toasted/grilled bread topped with a little something. It can be as simple as store-bought jam and a slice of aged cheddar, assorted spreads, cured meats, or fresh produce that’s paired with fragrant herbs and oils.

I typically opt for the latter, and they are almost always the highlight of the meal. Lightly buttered bread is usually grilled, rubbed with garlic and then covered with a variety of toppings. For spring, I’m smitten with the combination of sweet peas, Parmesan and mint, but you can use pretty much anything that’s in season.

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Preserving Spring: Spicy Pickled Asparagus

pickled asparagus

Written by Marisa of Food in Jars.

When I was a brand new canner, pickled asparagus was one of my very first projects. Asparagus has long been one of my favorite vegetables and so, when it went on sale in mid-spring, I bought several bundles, consulted a multitude of cookbooks and set to work.

I quickly learned that pickling asparagus was a task well worth doing (particularly since commercial versions can cost as much as $12 a jar) and added it to my list of mandatory yearly recipes. I have since made at least 100 jars and every year, I still run out well before asparagus season arrives again.

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Savor spring with a recipe round-up

Spring has sprung for most of us, although up here in Quebec we’re still a few weeks away from all the gorgeous local produce that comes with the season. Soon we’ll be eating berries every morning and asparagus at dinner every evening, with a spinach salad at midday.

I’ve been holding out for local berries, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll last, as luscious berry recipes keep calling to me from places like here and here. My palate is anxious for the bright and tangy flavors of rhubarb. It’s been a long winter.

In anticipation of spring produce, and as inspiration for you Southerners already enjoying a harvest, here is a round-up of my favorite recipes featuring the fruits and vegetables of the season.

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