Springtime Penne with Asparagus Stem Pesto

A low-waste, vegetarian dish that highlights seasonal Mediterranean ingredients.

A craving for pasta and a well-stocked pantry inspired this weeknight dinner of Springtime Penne with Asparagus Stem Pesto.

This recipe combines wholesome Mediterranean ingredients, like artichokes and olives, with durum wheat pasta and a vibrant pesto.

It’s nourishing comfort food with big, bright flavours and all comes together in under thirty minutes.

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Asparagus and Lobster Grilled Cheese

An East Coast-inspired Asparagus, Brie and Lobster Grilled Cheese that’s completely decadent and packed with flavour.

Our wedding anniversary is this weekend but we won’t be marking the occasion by dining out. Instead I’ve chilled a bottle of bubbly and we’ll pick out a few live lobsters from our local fish shack.

A springtime Lobster Niçoise Salad is on the menu (my fave!) but since we’re celebrating over few days, I’m stocking ingredients for this Asparagus and Lobster Grilled Cheese, too.

Tender young asparagus, paired with fresh-caught lobster and a salty goat Brie cheese makes this a sandwich worth remembering. It’s crisped up with a Celery Seed Butter and garnished with spicy preserved lemon. Delicious!

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A Simple Fried Egg Tostada

An easy, 5-ingredient dish that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

As spring flirts with us here in the Maritimes, we’re spending more and more time outdoors. With all the fresh air comes increased appetites, and a fried egg tostada is one of our favourite fast meals.

I’m back with another super simple recipe for kids, beginner cooks, or anyone who needs a quick bite. While the 5-ingredient Cinnamon Toast with Ricotta and Strawberries satiates the sweet tooth, today’s dish is all about savoury.

So grab a skillet and a stack of corn tortillas because fried egg tostadas are on our Cinco de Mayo menu!

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Weekend Links

Happy May!

Here in Canada, we’re far enough into spring to start planning our gardens. On the Simple Bites urban homestead we’re sprouting seeds, digging up earth and dreaming about shortening our food chain.

Everything about growing my own food makes me happy and this year, it makes more sense than ever. I’m grocery shopping infrequently which means fresh herbs and greens are the ingredients I run out of first.

Anyway, gardening aside, here’s a list for reading – and listening – that I enjoyed this week.

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Tips for Freezing Produce to Avoid Food Waste

Stop Food Waste Day is April 29. In the Simple Bites kitchen, I’m always looking to increase my zero waste efforts and get others on board too.

If you can’t eat it immediately, tossing produce in the freezer is the quickest way to save it for later. I’d much rather make and freeze a quick pesto with wilting herbs, then lose them to the compost bin.

Many fresh ingredients, such as berries and spinach, can quite simply be bagged and frozen. But what if you want to do something more – and set yourself up with a stash of staples?

I’ve put together a list of recipes and methods for “putting up” produce by freezing foods. From pesto to pizza sauce, these are my favourite ways to stock the freezer – and stop food waste.

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