A garden inspired picnic

I‘m currently running around trying to pack for a little family getaway to Prince Edward Island, but I have a recipe up over on Jamie Oliver you won’t want to miss.

It’s a spontaneous snacking weeknight supper that tuned into a little garden-inspired picnic. I brought outside for us to nibble on while we wound down from the day. The children buzzed around barefoot on the lawn, chasing chickens, while I walked Danny through a garden tour and we got caught up on our respective days.

It turned out to be one of my favourite meals from the week, and one I plan to reproduce several more times before the summer is over.

A garden inspired picnic-| Simple Bites

The slow-roasted tomato tartines stole the show, both tangy and sweet, paired with slivers of Parmesan and freshly-picked basil. The perfect mid-summer bite? I think so.

Get the recipe and more picnic photos over on JamieOliver.com.

Have you picnicked this summer? What’s a favourite bite to pack?

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  1. Thanks, Jamie Oliver is my favorite celebrity chef. The slow-roasted tomatoe tartines look so good, I’ll have to try them.

    P.S. I just joined your site it’s very nice.

  2. This looks simply delicious. I love these kind of meals. But I have a question of practicality, does a meal like this satisfy Danny, too?
    I can serve meals like this when it’s just the kids and I- one of my favourites is steamed new potatoes, green beans and corn on the cob the evening we bring it home from the farm. Even that meal with the potatoes isn’t hardy enough for my husband. Is it just my guy or would your husband be looking for more later?

    • It’s a good question, Cindy. So, most days, this would be enough for Danny (plus dessert!). He really digs light eating in summer, especially if he’s running or doing yard work afterward.
      That said, we communicate quite a bit during the day, and if I’m planning a salad for supper, he may go out for lunch and have pizza or a burrito, or something substantial.

  3. Looks great. 🙂 I love your blog.

  4. I need to say that the recipe idea is great, but the best part of this post without any doubt is the picture… I absolutely love them!!!!

    Carrot battons with lots of home made dippings is my favourite.


  5. What a great find just as our garden is starting to produce! (We got a bit of a late start this year.) Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for the idea.

    • Sally, we’re having an unusually cool July. It FEELS like I got a late start i the garden but really, we’re just lacking heat.

  6. Perfect picnic food!

  7. This looks like the most delicious picnic! gorgeous pics Aimee…

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