A sugaring off season finale

From the window above my desk I can look out past the garden beds and into the forest where a pale green carpet is taking over the brown forest floor.

All over our quarter of an acre urban homestead, signs of spring are revealing themselves. The garlic has emerged from its long winter hibernation and the rhubarb is quickly shooting forth leaves.

Our sugaring off season is over; tomorrow we will be removing our taps and giving the buckets one final wash. It was a short season, but one with many highlights, including one Saturday under blue skies…

eating taffy Collage.jpg

Today, I am recapping our sugaring off adventures over on JamieOliver.com. The post is packed with photos of everything from a deep-fried turkey to maple taffy on snow.

From the post:

“Our backyard boasts a few trees suitable for tapping, and come March and April we’re making just about everything with maple syrup. We only get a few quarts off our homestead, but our extended family farms a 40-acre sugar bush and that’s where we’re headed today. It’s a perfect day, with brilliant blue skies and enough sunshine to leave your toque (that’s a knitted cap) and mittens at home. The air smells like wood smoke because my husband’s Uncle, Marc, is the only person I know who boils his sap over a fire in the middle of the forest. It’s as old-school and as marvellous as you can imagine…”

Read the rest on JamieOliver.com. I’ll see you there!

Hungry for more? I’ve written about our annual day in the family sugar bush before, here and here. That last link includes a sweet little video that transports you straight to the forest. Also, how was Noah so very small?

Have a great weekend, all!

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