Inspiration to Spring Clean the Pantry

Technically it’s still spring, folks, and never too late to do a little kitchen cleaning and organizing.

A well-stocked pantry of wholesome ingredients goes hand-in-hand with great home cooking. If your staples stay clean and organized, family meals can happen more efficiently.

Sounds good, right?

Inspiration to Spring Clean the Pantry

Over on Jamie Oliver, I’m sharing my best tips for spring cleaning the pantry (or ‘store cupboard’ as they say in Britain, which I kind of like better). From maximizing space to purging old ingredients, managing cupboard sprawl and labeling, I cover it all.

From the post:

“As much as I try to stay on top of everything in my kitchen throughout the year, there are always a couple of cupboard doors that are hiding a disaster zone. This is why I dedicate a few hours every spring (and fall) to reign in the mess and set myself up for success in the kitchen.

Getting elbow-deep into your pantry for a semi-annual clean up can make a huge difference, and it helps to know exactly how to go about it.”

Read the rest of the post and get all my best tips for an organized pantry on

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Is your kitchen ready for a spring clean?

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  1. Oooo! I can’t wait to read this Aimee! How wonderful. xo

  2. My kitchen is ready for a Spring makeover! Finally, the kitchen is next in the long queue of house projects and I can’t wait to give it a facelift. I’m sure somewhere in there will be lots more organizing and decluttering (like finally tossing the jell-o boxes that have been in the back of my pantry for three years 😉 ).

  3. Thank you Aimee! Always lovely to read you, and just the little push I needed to get a start on my pantry which is in great need of a spring cleaning and refresher.

  4. That was a great read Aimee. I’m such a nerd about hearing how other people organize their pantries and kitchen. I think they’re my favourite posts! And I never thought to put expiry dates on the bottom of glass jars – that’s a great tip!

  5. The pantry is definitely not the place that I clean really often but I use my herbs every day, so dirt also goes in the pantry. I am planning to do this in the weekend! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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