Weekend Links: The Eat Well, Spend Less Edition

Thank you for joining along in our grilling series last week! I hope you were inspired to change things up a bit – or even start grilling for the first time.

I was so touched when a reader commented on the Simple Bites Facebook page that she had her husband teach her how to start the grill just so she could make my Grilled Caesar Salad and Megan’s Balsamic Glazed Grilled Carrots. Allison, I wanted to ‘like’ your comment about ten times. You definitely embraced this series and got out of your cooking comfort zone!

Rather than a huge round-up of grilling recipes (let’s face it, they’re everywhere), for today’s link love I want to share what the other bloggers in our little Eat Well, Spend Less series have been working on.

Our theme for the month is summer menu planning, at home and while traveling and it is content you need for the summer ahead. Ready?

Eat Well, Spend Less: The June Round-Up

In her post on Balancing Meals and the Summer Schedule, Shaina lays out how she feeds her family of six over the hectic summer without a pit-stop at the local fast food joint. This busy mama has to be organized and she shares some excellent tips for frugal snacks and mealtime management.

Mandi spoke specifically about preparing your kitchen and pantry for your time away…and for your return, in her post, Things to Do in Your Kitchen Before You Leave. I love how Mandi ticks. Her tips are spot on and practical. My only quibble?  They came about two weeks late for me as I just returned from vacation!

On the flip side, Katie’s post, 6 Ways to Eat Well, Spend Less While Camping, is perfect timing for this family, as we’re planning a long weekend camping trip soon. From tips on packing a cooler wisely to homemade backpacking foods, Katie’s post is packed with information for your outdoor adventure.

If you’re staying closer to home this summer, Tammy has Hot Weather Mealtime Solutions for you. And does she ever! Just scrolling though her extensive round-up made me hungry.

Ever the practical one, Carrie posts techniques for seasonal stockpiling and how to make the best use of summer sales in her helpful post What To Stock Up On This Season.

Jessica brings new meaning to have food, will travel with her post Taking Freezer Meals on The Road. Her inspiring read shares how homemade meals can help offset the cost of travel and comes complete with a round-up of suggestions. As cooking for others is one of my passions, I loved how she brings a meal with her when overnighting at Gramma’s.

And of course, in case you missed it: Eat Well, Spend Less: Wholesome, Homemade Food for Air Travel, my  EWSL post for this month.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Aimee, it is wonderful to have all this great information in one place. Excellent tips and techniques for healthy, tasty & budget family travel 🙂

  2. Hi Aimee, we grilled yesterday (barbequed in the Aussie vernacular) and made your cumin-oregano beef skewers. Awesome! I’ve stuck the print out into my recipe folder. And believe me not many recipes make it in there!

  3. Thanks for the small, focused roundup! I especially enjoyed Shaina’s tips. Picnic dinners are a fun treat that are so much less expensive – and fun! – than takeout.

  4. Just the information I needed–I have been searching for various farmer’s markets to visit during our summer travels. I am excited to try the Hot Weather Mealtime Solutions!

  5. 5 Point Capitol says

    Awesome tips Aimee. I’ll be going camping with my siblings during the first weekend in August so I will have to remember some of these tips! Too bad the oldest of my older sisters will only go if we get a cabin. I may still camp outside in a tent

  6. Awesome tips and links all in one excellent post! Thank you for sharing all these great technique and information. I totally love visiting your blog. Keep it up!

  7. Well I totally agree with the thought Eat Well, Spend Less………well Katie’s post, 6 Ways to Eat Well, Spend Less While Camping, is perfect timing for this family…Really amazing and different blog…

  8. i myself like tha tip i preffer a homemade food rather the frozen and i think its more healthy and frugal

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