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You know what? I can’t remember the last time I ate a potato – and that is a good thing.

Fresh produce is so plentiful and gorgeous right now, that the average meat-and-potatoes dinners are replaced with a pile of market fresh vegetables on the plate, with a little protein on the side. Corn cobs by the dozens, broccoli and beans, tomatoes and cucumbers, all fall under my knife as we enjoy them in their prime.

OK, so that’s not ALL we’ve been eating! We recently celebrated summer with about 25 friends and a huge banana split bar. It’s a simple summer dessert that feeds a crowd in a jiffy and is a definite crown-pleaser.

Last week we looked at preserving three ingredients that are abundant right now: broccoli, cucumbers and corn. Next week look for more preserving recipes to come your way and for a few dishes featuring more seasonal produce. Hooray for August!

For now, here are a few posts that I enjoyed on the web this week:

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Cooking has always been Aimée's preferred recreational activity, creative outlet, and source of relaxation. After nearly ten years in the professional cooking industry, she went from restaurant to RSS by trading her tongs and clogs for cookie cutters and a laptop, serving as editor here at Simple Bites. Her first book, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars - Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites, was published in February 2015.

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  1. Vive la crème glacée Coaticook ! ; )

  2. Thanks for the mention Aimee!

  3. I make a ketchup based on a Laurel’s Kitchen recipe that we love. Takes five minutes. Basically tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, and water with spices like oregano and dried mustard. And no sugar at all. It’s awsome.

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