Talking Jam on SimpleMom

I haven’t really been holding out on you, it’s just that I completely forgot to mention that I wrote a Jam Making 101-type of post over at SimpleMom last week.

It’s definitely the season for canning and preserving summer! If you’re dragging your feet at getting started, this post will reassure you that’s it’s not so complicated after all. I discuss Ingredients, Tools & Equipment, and a Basic Method for making jam.

Here’s a sample from the post:

“My first attempt at making jam was memorable, for all the right reasons. I was a newlywed, eager to wear the old-fashioned housewife hat, and making my own jam seemed like something I would enjoy, more so than, say sewing curtains or darning socks. I had my flat of strawberries and set to work in my tiny apartment kitchen….”
…read the rest of An Introduction to Making Jam on SimpleMom

All this jam talk reminds me…

….Have you submitted your jam recipe to my virtual swap yet?

Quite Possibly the Last Dessert Post You’ll Bookmark this Summer

Writing over at Simple Mom yesterday, I shared my latest sweet tooth trend with Crisp or Crumble? Baked Summer Desserts Defined. There has been an absolute line-up of simple baked fresh fruit desserts coming out of my kitchen since early June and there is no sign of them easing up anytime soon. Thank goodness for that because I think that cobblers, cakes and crisps are about the best way to showcase summer’s bounty with minimal effort.

So jump on over to read the post for yourself and be tempted by the dozen or so recipe links that I highly recommend.

It just may be the last sweet post you’ll need to bookmark for the rest of the summer!

Happy Earth Day

Today I am over at SimpleMom talking about eating in season. Come find out why this is important and pick up two recipes for seasonal spring tarts!

While you are over there, be inspired to do your part for Earth Day by reading SimpleMom’s 40 Ways To Go Greener At Home.

Happy Earth Day!

Today On Simple Mom: Cooking with Kids

Last month I joined Tsh at Simple Mom as her food columnist and just want to say again how thrilled I am to support this emerging influential blog. You an catch me over there today discoursing about Six Ways to Thrive In the Kitchen with the Kids!

If you’ve cooked at all with your little ones, you know that it’s not always a picnic. I’ve given some tips on how to organize yourself and get the most out of cooking with your children while still maintaining your sanity.

See you over there!