Eats at the Montreal Jazz Festival

The Montreal International Jazz Festival is in full swing in downtown Montreal and with over five hundred concerts booked and about 3,000 musicians in town, you would think that food would tend to take a back seat for a while…. except that this is one of the very few times of the year that the ban on street food is lifted and vendors are allowed to grill, steam, scoop and pour as much as they can sell. That’s big news, people! I hope all those individuals –you know who you are- who complain about no street food in Montreal, get down to the jazz fest site and eat their fill of hot-dogs.
This will be my eighth ‘fest and I have to admit that with the long line-ups; the high prices, and my own kitchen not far away, I rarely eat much on site. However, I do have one weakness and I admit I usually end up at one time or another at the Heineken tent for beer and fries…maybe even a poutine. It’s funny, because I rarely drink beer, but this is just something that has oddly become synonymous with the jazz festival for me. Go figure.
This year there are some great looking new eats, such as a Mexican stand that was selling some great looking tacos and enchiladas, and the usual eats like the creperie that always does brisk business. Of course, hot-dogs stands are prolific, and there’s always the Dairy Queen on the edge of the site to get your sugar fix.

So over the course of the eleven-day festival there will probably countless music reviews, but you can always count on Under the High Chair to bring you the really important information: food at the fest.

It’s my pleasure!

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  1. Oh MAN we’re green with envy that we’re not there for the Jazz fest! Maybe next year… And I’m not a beer drinker either but I ordered and finished my first beer when we were in Honduras, a Port Royal. I had a sip of Zaak’s and was impressed so I had one at our next meal. Cheers!

  2. AAAAH! I’m so freakin’ jealous! Enjoy a cold one for me, alright? And send a couple new band names down the line too.

  3. Lucky you! I wish I was there. My husband and I love Jazz music. We used to go to jazz lounges every weekend before I had my little girl.Now every weekend we listen to wonder pets singing and believe I know all their songs by heart!!!

  4. I’ve heard so much about the Montreal Jazz Fest. I hope that you’re catching a few concerts too. I love street food. Fortunately, we get a lot of that here in Sydney and I am always tempted by the steak sandwich stall or (and) the crepes or (and) the……

  5. Hi Amber! We miss you guys…better be here next year.

    Hi Zaak- Simma’ down now, OK? Remember you have some perks-like fresh mangoes-that we don’t have…

    Hi Rose-Ah yes, it’s incredible how those kiddie songs get ingrained into your psyche. That Raffi is a genius.

    Hi Nora-Yep, we caught some great concerts, of course, and I’m extending an open invitation to come to our festival sometime!

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