Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Recipe to Riches)

Getting the winning recipe from Recipe to Riches in my inbox on Monday mornings is always a fun little secret between me and a few other food bloggers. (Last time it was the Chicken & Bacon Skewers, remember?)

The show doesn’t air until Wednesday, so as tempted as I am to tweet of photo of the baking process or the finished product, I have to sit on it for a few days.

It wasn’t easy to keep quiet over this weeks winning recipe: Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. Created by Recipe to Riches contestant Sonya Walos, they took me out of my baking comfort zone with their preparation, but brought me right back as soon as I tasted them.

First up, a confession: these are my first ever gluten-free cookies, both to make or eat. They certainly won’t be my last, and not just because I’ve got scads of potato starch and tapioca flour (say what?) kicking around now, but because they are genuinely delicious!

Sonya’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies won me over with their contrasting crunchy and soft textures, rich butterscotch flavor, and milk chocolate chips. The addition of coconut also gave them a lovely chewy texture. The best part? My kids loved them, so SCORE.

Want to make Sonya’s cookies yourself? You can head over to the FN website to get the recipe (it should be posted soon!). Sure they required lots of unique ingredients, especially to one unfamiliar with GF baking, but it’s always fun to expand one’s horizons.

If you’re not a baker but still want to taste these gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, the product should also be on shelves this weekend at Loblaws across Canada, so you can pick up a box and see what a winning cookie tastes like.

The popular Food Network Canada show is over halfway finished, with the grand finale coming up soon, where Canada will vote and the winner will receive a whopping $250,000.

I think these Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies could have had a shot at the big prize, unfortunately Sonya has been disqualified from the competition. Get the full scoop on the Recipe to Riches Facebook page.

Missed the episode? It will be available online soon on the R to R video page.

Disclosure: Recipe to Riches is giving their official bloggers a $100 Loblaws gift cards to offset the time and money spent making the winning recipe and writing a blog post. The opinions expressed here are my own, of course!

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  1. These certainly look interesting – wish I had done this week's now 🙂 I'll have to pick up a box to see if I like them before delving into a recipe with unfamiliar ingredients (I have never baked gluten free cookies either!). Nice review!

  2. I'm going to have to bookmark these for my cousin who's gluten free and always trying to get me to bake stuff for her. It's definitely outside of my normal realm of baking. But who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies!?

  3. What a delicious looking photo! I'd love to try this recipe out with my daughter tomorrow, thanks for putting it up.

  4. I've been looking for a healthy recipe which I can prepare for my kids until I've found your blog. I will really try this one because of its being gluten free. Thanks a lot.

  5. This is an excellent resource. A good friend of mine and his wife both suffer from an autoimmune disease that means they can't eat anything with gluten inside them. I will be emailing this to them.

  6. Anonymous says

    Gluten free cookies YAY! I am so excited to make these babies in my own
    kitchen . I seriously need to today. Thanks for the post and congrats on your success!

  7. These look so delicious they almost jump off the page lol. What I wouldn't give for some gluten free choc chip cookies right now – I already have the glass of milk!

  8. YUM! These look so gooey and good, I just want to pop some in my mouth. Wish I could reach right in and grab some!

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