Family Camping in Nova Scotia

A list of the best spots for family camping in Nova Scotia, including local attractions, top beaches and good eats.

In the two years leading up to our move from Quebec to Nova Scotia, I was an armchair explorer of my future province. Due to circumstances that were beyond our control, it took a while to make the transition, and every day I yearned to be on the coast.

From my laptop, I traveled the Lighthouse Route, memorized provincial parks and bookmarked future trails to explore. I scoped out campgrounds and read their message boards on Trip Advisor.

Eventually, I did find myself on the other side of the Montreal to Halifax journey. I booked those campsites, frequented those cafés and traversed more coastal trails than I ever dreamed existed. It was worth the wait – and I was so glad I had done my research. Our first summer as Maritimers was a complete dream.

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Tips for Camping with Kids

Simple, relevant tips for camping with kids at any age, including necessary gear, healthy snacks and how to survive anything.

Camping is a longstanding Wimbush-Bourque family tradition. From a young age, Danny and I both have been deeply moved by the beauty and tranquility of nature.

That connection to the countryside was one of the reasons we moved to Nova Scotia. There’s a wildness here – starting right outside our back door and extending to the shoreline that wraps this ocean province.

Whether you have a busy toddler or an unmotivated teenager, I hope my tips for camping with kids will inspire you to pack up, get out there and make a few camping memories of your own.

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Earth Day Craft: Spring Garden Seed Kit

A simple gardening craft for kids that makes a special eco-friendly gift.

Here’s an Earth Day craft that is perfect for adults and kids alike and makes a sweet gift.

Perhaps the recipient is a neighbour in quarantine or your health practitioner friend down the street. We’re all feeling alone right now and its nice to let others know they are in our thoughts.

No matter which doorstep you choose to leave this handmade seed kit, it will be sure to evokes the sense of spring, a much-needed feeling when most of our yards are still brown and barren.

Happy Earth Day!

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Regrow Vegetable Scraps for a DIY Spring Centrepiece

Easy, gorgeous and frugal: make this DIY spring centrepiece for the Easter table or just a splash of everyday beauty.

We Canadians have to wait for spring just a bit longer than seems fair. So if you’re like me, and itching to see tiny greens sprouting from the earth, then you’re going to love this idea for a pretty (and economical) spring centrepiece.

The concept is simple: just put your vegetable trimmings – like carrot tops or celery stumps – in water and watch them sprout and grow.

After a few days, tuck the vibrant green shoots into thrifted tea cups or other cute bowls and group them in the centre of your table. Voila, a touch of springtime beauty from what would have been compost.

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Simple Bites turns Ten!

This week we celebrate the 10 year blogiversary of Simple Bites.

Remarkably, I’ve been a content creator, publishing on this platform, for an entire decade. Far more wonderful is that YOU are still here, ten years later.

For your readership, I am forever grateful. Your encouragement has inspired me and your feedback has propelled me, post after post, recipe by recipe.

This small community has meant so much and continues to be a central part of my life. How could it not? It’s been an incredible journey…

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