Weekend Links: Eat Well, Spend Less Wrap-Up

Every month eight other bloggers and I look at how we can feed our families well and keep the food budget in check with our series Eat Well, Spend Less. This month we share our strategies for frugal eating over the holidays, a time when most people tend to over-shop.

Now, I’m the sole Canadian in the group, so the focus is on the upcoming US Thanksgiving, but the tips and strategies are completely applicable for Christmas dinner as well.

These posts went live on various days over this past week, so here’s a handy wrap up of the topics covered, including subjects such as decorating, allergies, family dynamics, and leftovers. So pour yourself a coffee and join us for November’s edition of Eat Well, Spend Less!

Setting an Elegant Table on the Cheap – Carrie of Denver Bargains makes some fantastic suggestions for setting an elegant table on the cheap. I’m loving her edible centerpieces.

Recipes for Leftover Turkey – The ever-practical Katie of Good Life Eats shares one way to reduce Thanksgiving waste – by making the most of that turkey! She’s also got great tips for mindful eating.

Frugal Holiday Desserts – Shaina of Food for My Family sweetens things up with her advice on creating desserts on a budget. We all want to cut cost, not taste, and soon-to-be-published cookbook author Shaina shows us how to do just that.

Tips for a Homemade Make-ahead Thanksgiving Dinner – Love ‘do-ahead’ meals? Tammy of Tammy’s Recipes has the ultimate breakdown of tasks for your holiday main meal.

Allergen-Free Dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner – Mandi’s cooking with her GFCF daughter in mind this holiday season and provides a handy round-up of allergen-free recipes.

Tips for a Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner – Jessica from Life as Mom declares no turkey dinner is worth going into debt over and shares her tips for a frugal holiday meal.

Do Your Holidays Focus on Family, Food…or Fighting? – Katie Kimball explores what happens when food philosophies clash at the holidays and offers some positive solutions for a peaceable holiday gathering with family of differing opinions.

10 Recipes to Make the Most of Turkey Leftovers  – Head to Kingdom First Mom for more ideas on using up leftover turkey.

Lastly, I hope you caught my post on One Turkey, Four Meals. In it I give my recipe for Quick Turkey Noodle Soup, a simple nourishing meal that sustained us for the past week as we recovered from colds. It’s a good one to have in your repertoire as we head into winter!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I got my turkey and almost everything I need for Thanksgiving dinner this last week. It was all on sale and I had coupons for everything, including the turkey! I don’t need recipes for leftover turkey because my brother is coming. LOL He’s in college and doesn’t get “real” food too often so I have no fear of leftovers going to waste. 🙂 Thanksgiving dinner isn’t going to take a big chunk out of my food budget at all this year.

  2. Good list and nice wrap-up. Something I’d add is activities for families and friends pre and post meal. At a recent Thanksgiving, we planned a Thanksgiving trivia that everyone could play that went over well. Any other ideas?

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