The after school gingerbread project: outtakes

The after school gingerbread house wouldn’t have been a normal kitchen project without excessive silliness from my two monkeys.

Most of it happened off camera, but I captured some of the laughs as they went down. Oh my.

Kids in the kitchen: gingenbread outtakes
Who puts a mixing bowl on their head? This guy, that’s who.
The after school gingerbread project: OUTTAKES
This is only a fraction of the photos. It took a while to get a ‘normal’ portrait.
Kids in the kitchen: The after school gingerbread project outtakes
He actually fell off of his chair while exaggerating how hard it was to roll the dough. He stood at the table after that.
Kids in the kitchen: The after school gingerbread project outtakes
Are we done yet? One fake smile and one fed-up face.

Miss the series? Catch up here:

Introduction to the after school gingerbread project.
Day 1: List of ingredients and equipment.
Day 2: Make and chill the dough.
Day 3: Cut and bake the pieces.
Day 4: Prepare Royal Icing + assemble the base.
Day 5: Decorate!

Share your gingerbread house creation with us! Send a photo via email: [email protected] and I’ll publish your photo and name in an upcoming post.

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  1. Oh my god!!!, what a pair of future STARS!!!!!
    My son was about the same…now he´s 23 and HE´S STILL THE SAME…funny, studying to be a toddler teacher…no doubt, he will be the funiest one..
    Well done..I love the pictures licking the dough…..priceless!!!
    Love from Spain

  2. Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies says

    You guys are so funny! It looks like you had a blast doing this series with your mum. I hope you do more, it’s been really cool to see your work!

  3. Beautiful photographs! This post is so getting me in the holiday spirit – Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year! I can’t wait to bake Christmas cookies with my little sister next week (she’s 12 years younger, so almost like a niece to me)!

  4. We are making ours today! The girls are so excited. We are expecting some snow outside, we have a fire going inside, and we are decorating the tree. Add a gingerbread house to that and we couldn’t have more of the Christmas spirit here today! Thank you for the inspiration Aimee – we are having so much fun!

  5. I LOVE the photo of Mateo licking the dough – what a monkey!

  6. These pictures are just perfect! Such happy adorable kids. Thanks for the smiles this morning 🙂

  7. Hilarious!!!

  8. This is brilliant! So funny and Mateo licking the dough- priceless!

  9. These are seriously adorable photos. I’m sure they’re going to love looking back at them when they’re older. So awesome.

  10. Oh my gosh those two are such hams for the camera! What a fun way to capture a holiday memory.

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