Stop and Savor the Season

Written by Cheryl of Backseat Gourmet

We’ve been going hard here at Simple Bites about preserving summer. It’s all about saving those bits of sunshine to brighten a dismal January day. But what if you need to brighten a dismal August day?

Just because the weather is great, the kids are out of school, or there is green grass to tickle your toes, it doesn’t stop the realities of life. Days can be crazy, sad things can happen, or everything can happen at near the speed of light. And we just need to stop.

We need to stop and look around to see that hey, the grass really is tickling our feet, the cherries are so juicy they explode when you bite into one, or that the sprinkler is the best invention ever.

Seasons are a strong marker in our lives. We eat by the seasons, therefore we live by the seasons. I’ve had a rough go of things this summer and our own Aimee gave me some advice:

“Live life day by day, season by season.”

She’s absolutely right.

So I stopped worrying about whether all the jam got made or peas went into the freezer. And I started eating fresh strawberries and carrots as they came out of the ground. I rode my bike around the neighborhood and helped my kids on the monkey bars. And I feel better.

Winter may have a little less sunshine in it, but I’m sure some roasted root vegetables and a gingerbread cake will help with that come January.

Photo by Cheryl

11 ways to stop and savor the summer right now

  1. Make fruit salad by color.
  2. Serve fresh, raw vegetables with nothing but a small bowl of fruity olive oil.
  3. Eat ice cream for dinner.
  4. Sit on the front steps and shuck peas.
  5. Make iced tea the lazy way.
  6. Ignore bedtimes and let the kids run around until it gets dark.
  7. Always serve watermelon to babies and adults for dessert.
  8. Invest in a good gin for backyard gin and tonics.
  9. Have a water fight.
  10. Eat tomatoes right off the vine, still warm from the sun; raspberries too.
  11. Invite friends over for burgers.

Too often we get hung up on thinking ahead to the next steps. As parents this is inherently our job. And kids have the job of living life in the moment.

So this summer, I’m learning from my kids and enjoying thing as they come, day by day, season by season.

What is your favorite moment of summer and are you savoring it?

About Cheryl

Cheryl is a mom to two energetic and strong-willed little girls. It’s a good thing they already like her cooking. She blogs the family’s cooking and taste adventures at Backseat Gourmet.

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  1. Oh, tomatoes right off the vine … one of my favorite end of summer luxuries!

    That Aimee, she’s a pretty smart woman, isn’t she? 🙂

    Here’s to living (and eating) day by day and season by season!

  2. Love this! This summer, I’ve actually gotten into the habit of serving watermelon for dessert…it’s so easy and most people love it! I was over to someone’s house last weekend and they served chocolate-dipped strawberries and a bowl of fresh blueberries for dessert…I thought that was a great idea, too!

  3. The feeling of the night air right after the sun goes down is one of my favorite moments of summer.

    I’ll admit that I’m not exactly savoring it though. My body’s definition of summer hasn’t acclimated to the extreme heat of the south…so I’ve been longing for fall for more than two months now.

    • I don’t take well to heat either, but we get so little of it here that we suffer with a smile when it comes (like today!) Enjoy what you can, even if it just how good air conditioning feels.

  4. My kids are already back into school, and I love your ways to savor summer. Great post!

  5. This is right-on the mark! We are all about making memories and savoring the last bit of summer that is left. I think I will re-post this on my Friday Favorites this week. Great Post!! abby

  6. This inspired me to organize an evening picnic at Sandy Beach with my foodie friends with their kids. Thanks for the motivation!

  7. Oh, I really like numbers 1 and 3. And what a nice
    reminder this post is for all of us.

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