How to Survive Grocery Shopping with Your Toddler

Today I’m excited to be guest posting for my friend Annie and her popular blog PhD in Parenting. She’s created a Carnival of Toddlers and is addressing issues had on that we all face as parents of toddlers. Discipline, food, fun and survival are just a few of the topics that Annie and a line-up of guest writers are covering.

I’m keeping it real in today’s post on How to Survive and Thrive While Grocery Shopping with Your Toddler. I give my best tips for making the best possible grocery shopping experience with your toddler and offer suggestions for making the outing a learning experience.

From the post:

We must have looked a sight, my three-year-old, Mateo and I. It was my last minute attempt to hit up a grocery store before beginning my serious holiday cooking and baking blitz. My shopping list was lengthy and detailed, my time limited, and my energy flagging even before I unbuckled my son and stepped toward my local IGA.

I shivered in the December winds, my winter coat not giving much protection to my 6-month pregnant shape, and inwardly cursed myself for –yet again- forgetting to bring a couple of reusable shopping bags.

Once inside, Mateo shrieked and his little snowsuit-clad form staggered across the wet floors and lurched into a massive red plastic fire truck shopping cart. As I tossed my purse into the top of it, my iPhone dinged to let me know that my email was piling up as I ran errands.

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  1. Great tips. I find that our shopping trips vary dramatically based on whether or not Mr. Sandwich is with Baguette and me. If it’s just the two of us, she stays in the cart seat (even though she decidedly does not want to). If it’s the three of us, we’ll let her walk around and pick things up, which she then wants to put in the cart. There’s usually a quick dash back to return things to their places on the shelves, but we look on those trips not just as a chance for us to buy groceries, but a chance for her to get a little more exercise and look at things (note: we do not let her run around unsupervised, or bother other shoppers).

  2. Boy do I remember those days, and sometimes I kind of miss them 😀 Good advice for moms with little ones. I’m forwarding this to my cousin who has three sweet girls.

  3. I know that the supermarket near me, Shaws does this with their Peapod service. They have a truck with all the food loaded in bags come to your house. My boss use to have food delivered to him this way. It does save time and money as you just pick out the stuff you want online. So you don’t have to start up your car and take the time looking through the grocery store. There’s no waiting in long lines with a slow cashier either. The service is really big with people who have health problems and leaving the house is a daily chore so they can still shop for food without having to struggle through the supermarket. I think that is who the service is mainly geared towards. I think it is a great service and I know they help out a lot of people with it.

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