Checking in with Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

Any happy marriage between blogging bliss and family vacation is just wishful thinking as far as I’m concerned. Here I am with several memory cards full of dreamy pictures, a slight wine buzz and a happy, full belly wondering where the heck to begin recounting the adventures. I probably should have kept up with the events a little better but the days are seriously packed from the first motion of eight feet in footie PJ’s (my 2 boys plus my brother’s daughter and son) in the morning, to the draining of the last gin and tonics at night (by the adults). Even after things have settled down, I’m too dead-tired from the day’s activities –OK, like canoeing, walking, swimming, cooking, playing and/or mothering — to bring you anything worth your time. Even a meagre 140 character Tweet is a stretch for me on the average night when my brain is fried from too much sun and not enough water.

Hey, even if I had managed to recount our disappointing elk burger experience or that super sexy lunch of spot prawns with Mojo sauce, I’ve been unplugged for most of the trip and henceforth reasonably excused from any blogging responsibilities.

So there!

Yep, we’re having a great time.

If I had a sponsor for this trip, it would undoubtedly be a coffee brand, because coffee is the drug fueling me from the five AM wake-ups on the camping trips to the late-night Puerto Rico games. Oddly enough, Smithers and the surrounding areas of British Columbia are experiencing a serious heat wave, and it’s crucial to keep a cold drink close at hand at all times. As coffee is essential to keeping up with 2 three-year-olds, 2 one-year-olds, and my hyper brother Josh, these days it is much preferred in it’s cold state with a splash of whole milk than it is enjoyed blazing hot with cream.
Fortunately Julie’s recent post enlightened me to the beauty of cold brewed coffee and its benefits.

Talk about someone who knows how to marry business with pleasure; Julie managed to blog and work on her vacation despite having the nearby Tofino beaches calling her away. Thank goodness she did, because this version of iced coffee made me a happy camper – literally! We took a jar of it on out two-day camping excursion and lives were saved because of it.

Check out Julie’s post for the recipe and the rest of the details, and hey, speaking of Dinner with Julie, I’ll be having dinner with her on Friday! The lovely Cheryl of Backseat Gourmet is graciously hosting Julie and I plus our families this weekend in Calgary. I’m SO excited to chew the fat with these fellow mama food bloggers and tickled that this meeting fit in with our return itinerary.

Expect a full report when I return home, plus about a thousand vacation pictures. Oh yeah, I’m going there.

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  1. As a rule, I'd say "don't blog while you're on vacation", but I'm so glad you did. I'm an iced coffee fanatic, and this version is something I have to try. Today.

  2. I love cold brew! It almost looks like you baked brownies in a jar, though 🙂

  3. I'd be unplugged too if I were on vacation. But it was nice to read your post. They are always enjoyable.

  4. Mmmmmm coffee. I picked that same ingredient for BSI this week. Have a great vacation and enjoy that cold brewed coffee 🙂

  5. I can't wait to see you on Friday! No promises of elk, but the burgers will be good.

  6. Glad to hear you are continuing to enjoy your sojourn back to BC Aimee. Next week it is supposed to get up to thankful you will be in Calgary:D

  7. Enjoy the vacations and I’m big fan of cold brewed coffee…ohh I can smell it from here 🙂



  8. Yay, for enjoying vacations and getting unplugged (almost :)).

    You and your sweet babyboy look so nice together!

  9. Can't wait to meet you in 3D tomorrow! Glad the coffee is keeping you going. Thanks for the reminder to fill my jar!

  10. I'm having similar difficulties fitting in anything blogwise at the moment – it's much more fun to play with my kids on their summer holidays while I still have the opportunity (they do grow up sooo quickly)!

  11. Welcome back!

    Mmmm coffee.

    I can't get over those berries you picked! They're gorgeous!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful time!!! Cold brew coffee sounds so delightful. Looking forward to reading more about your trip!

  13. I'm glad you're having such a fabulous vacation!

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