Changes afoot and looking ahead for Simple Bites

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” – Henri Bergson, French philosopher.

Friends, if you have a few minutes to spare today, I’d love to share with you the new route this blog is taking and a few changes I’m implementing along the way.

When Tsh and I launched Simple Bites back in 2010, we figuratively had a handful of road maps stuffed in the glove box and a few pit stops picked out, but that was about it. I never imagined the sights I’d see and the exceptional people I’d meet along the way. For the last four years, this blog has been in drive and we have covered a lot of miles.

I’m not saying the journey is over – nothing like that – but for a long time I have felt like it is time to take an exit off the freeway and travel the country roads for a change. (And now I’m looking for the runaway ramp on this whole road trip analogy.)

Simply put, it’s time for a change. Why? To keep things exciting, to challenge myself, to evolve, to slow down in some ways, to speed up in others. To do what is right for me personally and not necessarily what the experts say food blogging should look like. I can’t quite explain it in words, but I’ve been feeling a change coming on for some time.

work zone | Simple Bites

First up, and by far the most difficult decision, is that the era of contributors writing weekly for Simple Bites has come to a close. Moving forward, I will be the sole writer of the blog. Here’s one of the reasons why: I love writing here for you. Each week I have about six different directions I could take a post; I’m constantly full of words, ideas and stories. I have much to share and it makes sense to tailor the content of the blog to my niche:  whole food for the family table – with a little urban homesteading in the mix.

I have been most fortunate to work with an incredible group of bloggers over the years and they have brought their talents to this space and shared their expertise, post after post. I’ve been most blessed to have them as contributors and they will be missed. Fortunately, they all have blogs of their own and here is how to find them and stalk them regularly:

Also, their posts in the Simple Bites archives are not going anywhere. You can access your favourite recipes anytime, such as Jan’s asparagus galette, Marisa’s home canned Marinara sauce, Shaina’s honey wheat sandwich bread and so many more.

Now is probably a good time to mention that my husband, Danny, is staying on as a contributing writer and will continue to bring his down-to-earth wisdom for urban homesteading and cooking from a man’s perspective.

Clara in garden

Over the years, this blog has evolved into much more than recipes and tutorials; it’s also a deeply personal space where I can share a story about a ‘special’ brunch or a birthday celebration for two. Intermingled with the recipes and tips, I’ve shared about winning and losing, milestones and dreams come true; thanks for sticking around for those details too.

More recently you’ve obliged me when I introduced my hens and chimed in to talk about family table manners. I appreciate it so much! This is a glimpse of the direction we’re headed. More canning tutorials and favourite family recipes, but an open look at my life as an urban homesteader, too. Kids in the kitchen is another topic we’re going to run with, because, frankly, my children are very much into cooking, so why not share how we are learning?

You can expect to see very few sponsored posts and even less giveaways. Oh, and there’s a real recipe index being built as we speak. Three cheers for improvements, slowly but surely.

Articles from here on out may be a little rough around the edges, with the occasional iPhone photo, because I’m blogging real life, unscripted. (Much like this pickle post.) This is going to keep things much more interesting for both of us.

Photography has never been my passion in the way that cooking and writing are, but I do enjoy the challenge. Will I let a sub-par photo get in the way of posting a favourite new recipe or inspiring story? Not in the least. And I’ll try to stop apologizing; thanks Kimberly for the pep talk.

BEJJ photos

How about that cookbook? Brown Eggs and Jam Jars: Recipes from My Urban Homestead Kitchen is in that deliciously mysterious place called a publishing house where it is being transformed from hundreds of Word documents and photographs and a handful of original illustrations into a real live book due out in March, 2015.

Posts will be a little less frequent, but why not stay in touch on social media?  I’m having so much fun with Instagram these days, and am thinking about posting more micro recipes on my feed. Think smoothie combinations, cocktails, quick and easy summer lunch ideas, that sort of thing. Sound interesting? Find me there @aimeebourque.

Things are so quiet over on the Simple Bites Facebook page. I’m often popping in there to chat during the day, so drop in and keep me company once in a while, will you?

Lastly, Twitter is still fun for a quick convo. Find me there as @simplebites.

Now, I’d love for you to help me out a little. In the comments below, please let me know what you think of this bend in the road for Simple Bites. Any suggestions or feedback is most welcome. Got a question for me? Ask away!

New readers? What brought you here and what has kept you around? Longtime readers, what has stuck with you the most over the last four years? Was it a particular recipe? An article? A kitchen tip? Or perhaps a story?

Thank you so much for reading and for being here.

About Aimee

Cooking has always been Aimée's preferred recreational activity, creative outlet, and source of relaxation. After nearly ten years in the professional cooking industry, she went from restaurant to RSS by trading her tongs and clogs for cookie cutters and a laptop, serving as editor here at Simple Bites. Her first book, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars - Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites, was published in February 2015.

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  1. Hooray for a recipe index! I’ve been reading since the early days and I don’t expect a few changes will keep me away. I look forward to seeing what’s next.

  2. What do I think? I think listening to your heart is the right thing! I think that if you feel the call to slow down, you should listen. I think I’m terribly excited to see more YOU here (as much as I loved the contributor’s posts) because I really am inspired by your writing and your food. Being invited into your kitchen, gardens, and home via Simple Bites has always been such a joy.

    Can’t wait to see what comes next! And, oh, how will I wait for March 2015? Not too patiently, I think 🙂

    Love you!

  3. Your writing is what has kept me coming back! The contributor posts are nice but not necessary. I’m looking forward to the changes!

  4. I’ve been reading this blog since the beginning and I think it’s a combination of delicious recipes, quality kitchen advice/tips, and good photography. The archives are always a good place for “how do I cook item x, again?” I secretly wish I lived in and off-the-grid homestead too.

  5. Patti Panuccio says

    Change is good, I enjoy being allowed into your life.

  6. Change is good and I am glad that I’ll be hearing more of your voice, stories about urban homesteading and kids in the kitchen! I am going to sound cheesy but: following your heart is always better than trying to “please” food blogging experts! I am sure Simple Bites will be even more interesting and… this pic of Clara eating a carrot is way too cute!

    • I found your comment! You were buried in the spam folder. ;(

      Thanks so much for this. It all rings true.

      PS. Come visit soon. My oregano plant is HUGE! 😉

  7. It was an honour to have had the opportunity to share some of my own words here over the past few years, and I look forward to reading more about you, your home, and your family. For me, writing a blog is personal, and I applaud your new approach. You know I’ll follow along wherever you are… and writing fewer posts sounds like a great plan to me.

    • Jan, you are so sweet! Thanks for your support, for reading along, and for all the great articles over the years. I’ll be stalking your blog regularly, too. 😉

  8. Aimee,
    I love this site and mostly YOUR posts, I look forward to the changes-change is good for the soul.
    I cook and bake most every day for my children and their friends. Thank you for sharing your life.

  9. Literally, a Simple Bite is not biting off more than you can chew – and enjoy. As a new reader, I am less familiar with the original road journey. As long as I don’t have to fold the map, I am with you!

  10. I’ve been coming to and enjoying SB more and more lately and now I know why! I think it’s a great idea. Having a tighter focus (your family life and cooking) is definitely more interesting on a food blog. Great idea. 🙂

  11. I have been reading for about 3 years and it has always been your writing and your view on cooking and family that inspires me. It’s wholesome and positive and grounded. I wish we could be friends! I also like your recipes, a favorite is the one bowl muffins. I often start a recipe search on your website before I go any where else. The changes are great!

    • Dear Melanie,
      We ARE friends, we just can’t hang out on the back patio over coffee and watch the chickens scratch for bugs – but I don’t do that with many of my friends because we’re scattered all over. We can just hang out here!
      I appreciate you as a longtime reader; thanks for sticking around and for sharing your thoughts so candidly today.

  12. I recently (last 3 months) found your blog b/c someone had linked a ‘weekend links’ to one of your articles about kids in the kitchen. I was immediately hooked! I have a huge passion to see/keep my children in the kitchen. I enjoy all of your posts, but keep the ideas and tips for kids in the kitchen coming!! Well wishes in your new adventure!

    • Cyndy, that is so cool! I’m thrilled your on board with teaching kids to cook and bake. <3

      Thanks for sticking around and for commenting today.

  13. I love your new direction! Keep those urban homestead ideas coming. Blessings!

  14. Change is good! I love where your blog is heading!!
    And I’m really excited about the recipe index 🙂

  15. Aimee,

    Been a fan since the early days of Under the High Chair – your writing skills are easily equal to your cooking skills. You are entertaining, informative, and most of all, real. Julia would have loved you.


    • Hi Ken, you just made my morning. Thanks for the reference to the little blog that started it all. That’s amazing you have been reading for so long. I with I could bake you some cookies to say thanks. Have a great day!

  16. I’m fairly new here, but if the chicken and table manners posts are typical, I’m staying! I like your down-to-earth approach and your writing, and look forward to seeing more.

  17. Laura Susan says

    Your stories are my favorite part, Aimee! You have such a gift for writing. And I’m still giggling whenever I think of the orange juice you enjoyed at your recent brunch courtesy of the kiddos!

    Thank you for sharing your food, stories, and family life with us!

    • Laura, I appreciate you saying so. Most of the time the words tumble out of my tired mommy brain and I wonder if they are making any sense at all.

      Thanks for reading.

  18. So happy about the changes. Lately I’ve grown tired of blogs that feature tons of contributors and sponsored posts. Lets keep it real and realistic.

    I’ve been fascinated with your urban homesteading, children cooking, and preserving posts. Keep those coming!

    • Thanks for commenting, Rachel. Each blogger has their own style and agenda, that’s for sure, but this feels right for me. I’m glad it resonates with you and that you’ll be sticking around to read along!

  19. Christin says

    As a busy wife and mom of four little boys your blog has been, at most times, the only blog I have allowed myself time for because it’s been truly worth the time spent to read, enjoy, and implement what’s been found here. Thank you for being true and sharing from your own life. Truthfully, I’ve missed your personal “voice” in the past months so I am glad for this present change. Sponsored posts and giveaways were never why I read your posts anyway(though I still remember your spectacular Kitchen Aid refrigerator!), so I will not note their infrequent appearance. And finally, Danny’s posts are as enjoyable as your own and are the perfect compliment, as is only fitting. Thank you again for enriching the lives of complete strangers, such as myself.

    • Christin, I am so moved by your comment. I’m sitting here in tears. Oh, I know well how blog reading has taken a backseat to mothering the littles and it means so much that my words and ideas have a place in your day.
      Yes, getting my manuscript out was a big push, and I missed writing on this space. Well I’m back now. 😉 And I’m passing along your words to Danny. He’ll appreciate them.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment today. You’re no longer a stranger.
      Mom of four – bless you in your journey.

  20. La Torontoise says

    Dear Aimee, much success in re-inventing yourself and re-inventing this blog! I can not agree more; every once in a while it’s important that we re-evaluate things and changes directions. (I love Henri Bergson:-)

    What I liked in this site? By far, this blog is the best place where I consistenly observed an honest approach to discussing how to bring food culture into the life of little children. Plus how to simplify, how to stay pragmatic in the midst of life turbulences, how to teach kids making healty food choices and so much more. I admire you for this work!

    I love the discussions and the recipes — the notion of high impact/little effort meals matters a lot to me. Every evening, I start cooking from scratch. The recipes I found here *significantly* contributed to my spectrum of choices for dinner (I tried around 60 recipes from your site in the past year).

    I’m also very appreciative for the Weelicious book reccomendation. It revolutionized my child’ lunch box and reduced the stress factor around it.

    Last, I’m living very far from Canada right now and I meet very few Canadians. Your blog and stories have a distinctive Canadian flavour and it feels on my end as a little piece of Canada integrated into my everydaty life. Reading about Montreal in the winter or about your Nova Scotia vacation tour was so touching. (While living in Toronto, we were spending all out long weekends going to Montreal, never missed a festival…)
    I look forward to reading more!

    Again, much success in what you are planning!
    All the best.

    • La Torontoise says

      PS. Aimee, I join Christin in thanking you for enriching the lives of complete strangers. I’m one of them, too.

    • Sixty recipes in so impressive! I’m honoured that you have trusted me with family dinner repeatedly.

      I’m thrilled you pick on a Canadian feel! It’s intentional. 😉 We’re taking a short trip to PEI this summer and I’ll be blogging about our trip, so you can join us virtually.

      Thank you for your kind words today – and in the past. You’ve been a faithful reader and I appreciate the support very much.

  21. Hi Aimee,
    All the very best to you….it takes great courage to make changes…I know you will do well.
    also some of us out there in cyberspace are really tireing of so many elails DAILY…..and revipes galore ….
    We would like more substance…more interest…amd less jampacked inboxes daily.
    pace yourself …amd your darling baby girl sitting in the garden ( in this post) NEEDS more of you !
    All the best to you amd your sweet family. – Judith

  22. Cheri | Kitchen Simplicity says

    I think everyone’s favourite part about Simple Bites is YOU! It’s not so much about the recipes (although we love those too!). We come here because you are such an inspiration. You captivate us with your writing and capture the essence of a simple life lived to it’s fullest, and inspire us to do the same. I think the direction you’re headed is perfect and we will all keep coming back for more! 🙂

  23. Aimee,

    Your blog is always the first blog I read in a day. I appreciate your honest and down-to-earth writing style. I also resonate with your approach to fresh and uncomplicated whole foods. You have so much great advice gleaned from your professional experience as a cook.

    Those are all my main reasons to read your blog, but I have to say I also get a kick out of reading a blog written by someone with many similarities to my own family situation (3 kids, similar ages, married to an engineer).

    I’m a loyal reader no matter what. Keep it up!

  24. Recipe index–yes! I’ve been reading for maybe 2 or 3 years and I actually love your photography! I love the homesteading stories and also love the recipes shared here–they are simple as far as ingredients and fuss but healthy and tasty.
    Also, I just started following your instagram and I love the photos there, too!
    Also looove the children in teh kitchen-type posts. 🙂
    Can’t wait for your cookbook!
    Sarah M

    • Okay, thanks for the kind words on my photography. It’s a work in process, that is for sure.
      I appreciate the feedback, Sarah. Thanks for reading and see you on Instagram. 😉

  25. I just love the space you’ve created here. Over the years, Simple Bites has become one of my favorite blogs. As a mom of two, I love the real life nature of your posts. As blogging changes, and becomes more and more image driven, it’s nice to see a space that’s so very useful and real. Of course, I also love the seasonal food and all the great homestead posts.
    Lately, I’ve been gearing up to make some changes on my own blog. It’s inspiring to see other bloggers making a leap!
    Can’t wait to see what’s next for you, Aimee! Cheers!

    • Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth. That means a lot, coming from someone I admire and respect in the community.

      I encourage you to move ahead with whatever changes you are planning for your blog. These spaces have to evolve, because as the curator, we are always growing. It’s taken me long enough to muster up the courage, but I’m excited to jump in with both feet.

      Thanks for reading and keep up the good work over on BS. xo

  26. This is reallyv exciting! I read your blog to learn from you! Keep up the good work I’m not going anywhere!

  27. Kimberley Allan Mulla says

    I am so excited for this bend in the road. And it’s so inspiring to read your words and watch the journey. Yes to not following What Food Bloggers Do. Making it your own and what you need it to be is great. Also love the idea of quick recipes. And finally, yes, Instagram is the fun spot right now. See you there! Thanks for all that you publish and I can’t wait for the book!!!

    • Thanks Kimberley! Did you catch your shout-out in the post? 😉

      Instagram is hot right now – because it’s still fun, not work. And who doesn’t love visuals. See you there. 😉

  28. I will follow you down whatever road you take, just don’t stop traveling! Change is scary but always oh so good! I moved to Calgary three years ago from Oregon, and I love getting a glimpse of another part of the country through your blog.

  29. Aimee,
    I’m excited for the new direction you and the blog are going. I have been reading the blog and following you on Twitter for what feels like forever. I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. There is one thing I do want say…. Thank you! Thank you for inspiring me. You have inspired me in the kitchen; making homemade meal; getting my daughter involved in the kitchen; and putting the dream of one day being a urban homesteader in my heart.
    Thank you again

    • Hilary, that is amazing feedback. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I think you’re going to like my upcoming book. It very much about becoming an urban homesteader right where you are in life. 😉
      Sounds like you are well on your way. Cheers!

  30. I’ve been reading for a very long time. I love your posts about your kids in the kitchen. I have 2 littles, ages 6 and 3 and they love to help, but I don’t let them nearly as much as you do. It is one of my goals to make more time so that before long they ARE as active in our kitchen as yours are. I also love your homesteading articles and food preservation (canning) tips. I have a very large garden and have canned tomatoes and frozen squash and peppers for 3 years now. Love that your blog feels so personal. Can’t wait to see the changes. I’d be willing to bet that we won’t notice a whole lot of change, because after all, your style is still your style…

    • You are right, Merri, with the exception of no contributors, the changes will be very slight. Thanks for reading for so very long! Sounds like you are well on your way to being an urban homesteader right where you are.

  31. A very personal and beautiful post. I am excited about the new direction you are taking and look forward to following your journey!

  32. Every week when I seed the FBC Pinterest board of the week, I come to Simple Bites first because of your voice and your recipes. I know I will find something that’s simple, yet beautiful that anyone can make and I love your writing and perspective on being in the kitchen and the garden. You are a little snapshot of life that so many Canadians and their families resonate with and I’m very excited for you that you’re going to grow that!
    (also, a new recipe index will make my weekly search so much easier! teehee :D)

  33. Sigh. Whew. Had a moment of panic that you were signing off. Great news and a super new direction. So happy you are still driving the big tractor! Glad and thankful for whatever you post as I love what you have to say – not to mention that your family members’ antics and adventures mirror ours so closely that our wild three have some good giggles and laughs when we see your fantastic three in action. I subscribe for it all! Good luck and please pass along our thanks to your contributors for their posts over the last few years. p.s. How many more sleeps ’til that cookbook comes out…?

    • Tractor? I love it. 🙂 No, I’d never give this gig up, I only have to reshuffle my position to get comfortable again.

      We’re not quite counting down for the book yet – but I know it’s going to go fast!

      Thanks for much for your feedback, Pippa.

  34. I read because I love your writing! Your perspective on urban homesteading and kids in the kitchen is so down to earth. As a new mom I love reading about kids in the kitchen you (and my own mom) are my gurus! I follow some of your other contributors anyways so I probably won’t miss them to much. I can’t wait for your book to come out. So glad you are brave to take the step to do what’s best for you!

  35. Looking forward to growing with you in this new phase. Very excited for a recipe index! The rest will sort itself out in the wash!

  36. Melina Meador says

    Great work, Aimee! I love the personal, family posts the most – not sure why but it’s so inspiring for me as I dream about my future family. Great blog and I know the next phase will be entertaining, educational, interesting…I’m excited for you!

  37. I think this is a brilliant move and I think you are amazing. Get it girl. Xoxo

  38. I am very interested to see what the changes will look like, but I am not phased: I came to Simple Bites from Notes from under the Highchair (or what is was called, now I can’t even remember exactly) because of your writing and recipes, so as long as YOU stay on (I was dreading the announcement: I am moving on, here’s the wonderful new person who’ll run this show, etc. GLAD it was NOT that!) I am excited and will keep following you along 🙂

    • Oh man, sorry for the dread! Apparently a few people were holding their breath. I am indeed staying on – it’s others that are going. But some of them have been here since launch day, so it’s not an easy goodbye.

      Thank YOU for your loyal readership! Under the High Chair (RIP? I don’t know yet) was my spring board to this blog and is very special to me. I love that you were a reader.

      Thanks for commenting!

  39. I love it!!! I have to be honest, while I do love the recipes that are contributed on this site, what I follow is for the life stories. Reading your posts about your family life and more of the ‘real stuff’ is what I love. I aspire to be a bit of a homesteader myself, so I find your writing incredibly inspiraitonal. I am looking forward to more inspiration!

  40. I have no trouble following more blogs to stay in touch with the lovely women who wrote for you. In fact, I’m pretty sure I already follow most of their blogs.

    I love that you’re making these hard decisions, rather than trying to maintain some sort of status quo. I can’t wait to read more of your story through your posts (and Danny’s).

  41. Hurrah for changes and being brave to embrace them. I love the candid stories of your urban homestead (I dream now about having a few chickens in the backyard) and I appreciate how you mix food and kids and real life.

    I’m super glad you’re not moving one but staying and sharing more, your blog is one I look forward to reading.

    Also, does your PEI trip extend to NS? Do you need a place to stay? =)

    • I’m lucky to have you as a reader, Breanne.

      Also, just PEI this time. We only started to explore last summer, so this time around we’re planning a full week. I know, it’s going to be tough to be so close to our beloved NS and not visit…thanks for the offer, though!

  42. Good for you! I’ve loved reading your blog for some time now and I’m excited to follow you on your travel down “the country roads.” I am new to Instagram and recently began following you there too, so I’m also excited to see your mini-recipes there. I love your homesteading posts and although my kids are older, reading about your kids in the kitchen is great fun too. Enjoy this new chapter (or this new road in your travels) – what fun! Thanks for writing and sharing so much with us, I’ll be reading and cooking along…

  43. Do you hear that huge sigh of relief? That’s me exhaling after holding my breath as I cliekd through on a post titled “Changes afoot…” I seriously saw that headline this morning and then waited a few hours before coming by to read – so, so, so worried that you were bringing things to a close.

    Aimee, your stories are fuel (see what I did with that road trip analogy…) for my passion in the kitchen. Your recipes are frequently feeding our family. Just last night, I was tossing cabbage and my little guy asked, “Where are the noodles?” because he was expecting your cabbage noodle recipe.

    So – hip, hip, hooray! Simple Bites continues with just the things we love. I’m sure you’ll continue to link to recipes that inspire you from around the web, so we won’t really be losing your contributors… just hearing from them in their own spaces. =)

    • I could never stop blogging! Sorry that my headline was misleading. I didn’t know what the heck to say so I went very general. Oops!

      Fuel. Haha. Seriously, though, thanks for reading and for all the support over the years.

  44. Aimee, I am happy with the change you will be making with your blog (just you blogging, more about your family and experiences you are living)! I have been following you for a couple of years and love your comments and have been liking the direction your blog has been going in the last year or so. I agree that we need to follow our inner voice and if this is what it is telling you to do, it is right for you. As for the recipe index, I am SO happy about that! Keep up the amazing work, it is a pleasure to read your blog!

    • Diane, I’m so thrilled you are reading and I’ll be sure to tell Danny. He’d get a kick out of it. This transition feels right, and I’m just happy my readers (you!) are on board.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  45. Those changes sound great to me! I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years, and as much as I have enjoyed the contributor posts, I am always extra excited when I see there is a new post that you’ve written. I love how you take a recipe post and make it about more than just a recipe, you know? I agree with an above commenter who said she really follows the blog for your life stories. And you’ve definitely inspired us in our own urban homesteading journey on our 1/3 acre — we finally got some backyard chickens after talking about it for years (we started from chicks so waiting for those first eggs to arrive in August!). I’m really looking forward to your book and to the new direction of the blog!

    • Congrats on backyard chickens, Melanie! Wow, that is amazing. =) Those first eggs are going to be an EVENT, wait and see.

      I so appreciate the feedback and feel blessed to have a reader like you. Thanks for sharing!

  46. It’s great and refreshing to listen to your inside voice and take a new road! Good luck with that but I am sure you will be very happy with it.

  47. Hi Aimee,
    I love your blog so much! I have been reading it for the past 3 years. It inspires me to cook healthy and homemade meals for my family! I love your recipes! Change is great! I look forward to future posts!!!

  48. Julie Turner says

    Fairly new reader. I’m looking forward to more canning posts! I follow you on instagram and am so inspired by the things you post there. 🙂

    • Oh well, welcome, Julie! If you’re looking for something specific, maybe I can help you. The archives of Simple Bites have a lot of canning and preserves!

  49. Aimee,

    I’ve been following Simple Bites since 2010 when I discovered SLM. I’m so excited about a recipe index! I think the whole food, approachable recipes and how-to’s are my favorite things about the site. Our most used recipe is, by far, the Lemon Oregano chicken. It never fails to be a crowd pleaser and I’ve given the link out countless times. For a weeknight meal, my favorite has been the black bean burritos. So flavorful and easy! My favorite personal post of yours was about your family’s sugaring off! I love it all and am excited to see the changes!

    • Hi Sarah. Wow. Thanks for reading along for the duration!

      You know, I just made that chicken recipe again, as my oregano is going wild in the garden. It’s a keeper!

  50. First off, I’m relieved because when I saw your post on Instagram I was worried you were taking a break from blogging. But this is good news! I have been reading your blog for a few years or so. It’s one of the handful of blogs I regularly check because I just don’t have time to read many. I really enjoy your writing style and all the sweet tidbits you share about your family. Your site is one of the first places I check for a recipe, too, so I’m excited about the recipe index. And while I have a chance, I’ll just say thanks for inspiring me with kids in the kitchen, delicious food, and way back when you offered advice about food blogging. It meant a lot that you helped me out with some good input. Glad you’re sticking around and that you’ll be sharing more of your story. (And just to add to the ramblingness, the post about your past in the food industry and learning to cook still stands out as one of my favorites 🙂 ).

    • Lisa, thank your for this heartfelt comment and honest feedback. I’m thrilled that you are cooking from it! Here’s to many more posts and stories. 😉

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