Set up a snacking station and more tips for a (parent friendly) kids’ party

My birthday each August marks the beginning of the end of summer for us, but on the positive side, it offers the perfect opportunity to throw one last party before the children go back to school and we are once again slave to those early bedtimes and morning routines.

Last weekend I did just that, inviting over forty friends and family for a harvest dinner on our urban homestead. I envisioned us eating outdoors, near the raised beds, seated around one long table. (My ‘Tablescapes‘ Pinterest board definitely played into that aspiration.)

Just this once, I wanted to give the parents a break. I wanted them to have a proper glass, be able to use a knife and fork, and be seated, instead of trying to balance a flimsy paper plate of food, a drink and a bebe in arms. More on how that worked out later; this post is about the little ones.

I had 15 kids attending; I needed a plan to keep them out of their parents hair – if only for half an hour or so – and feed them efficiently: and so the snacking station was born.

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Michel’s Super Bowl Guacamole Recipe (vlog)

On Sunday afternoon, Danny and I will gather at his father’s place and watch the Super Bowl with as many of his seven other brothers as are in town. There’s also a handful of grandchildren, family friends, wives and girlfriends who help push the numbers well into the twenties, but there’s always plenty of food to go around.

Full confession: I’m not a huge football fan. The Super Bowl is about the only game I sit through all year, and that is mostly because of the company — and the food. For years, my brother-in-law, Michel, has been bringing a massive bowl of guacamole that, together with a few bags of tortilla chips, keeps the gang of us happy until half-time. It always keeps me coming back for more, and with avocados in season right now, guacamole is ideal Super Bowl party fare.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered Michel’s guac had a secret ingredient, and of course when I did, I knew I had to share it with readers. It is an absolutely brilliant addition that makes for a healthier guacamole and helps stretch it out. And when you’re making dip for twenty people, anything that stretches avocados is a good thing.

Michel agreed to do a demo just for you, my readers, so hit the jump to watch our fun vlog, and learn about the secret ingredient that now goes into all my guacamole.
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