Food Revolution Day 2015: What YOU can do to help

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day is tomorrow.

Yes, this Friday, May 15th, 2015 is the fourth annual Food Revolution Day – a day of global action created by Jamie Oliver to engage and inspire people of all ages to learn about food and how to cook it. Once again, I am beaming with pride to be a part in my own small way, and I’ve got plenty of ideas for you should you wish to join in the movement.

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation uses the power of Jamie’s global voice to shout about important food issues, driving individuals and businesses to take part in impactful change and pushing governments to improve their food policies in support of better public health.

This FRD, Jamie is asking for help – and it’s easier than ever to throw your support behind him.

Sign Jamie’s Global Petition

Chicken in class

Picture this: a classroom packed to the brim with – partly delighted, partly terrified – first graders and Mateo is introducing them to two of our backyard chickens. He’s already given a speech about what hens eat, how they live and why they are his favourite animal, and he passed around a dozen brown eggs to show the class.

The hen steps out of her cage and the room erupts in shrieks. She struts under a small desk and pecks at a crumb of goodness knows what….an action that is greeted with more howls of appreciation from the class of children. Mateo is grinning ear to ear all the while, because this is fun.

This happened yesterday, at the elementary school the boys attend. It’s just one of the fun ways we are getting involved for Food Revolution Day in our neighbourhood. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while – and it was excellent fuel for getting me revved up to fight for food education in schools.

FRD logo strap sign petition

“My wish is to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower peoples everywhere to fight obesity.” ~ Jamie Oliver ~

With diet-related diseases rising at an alarming rate, it has never been more important to educate children about food. FRD (#FoodRevolutionDay) is fighting to put compulsory practical food education on the school curriculum. Yes, we can educate at home, bringing kids in the kitchen and garden, but how many children really get this opportunity?

If food education for children is important to you, please support Jamie and ask governments around the world to put kids first by signing his petition. It takes about 20 seconds. Please, Sign it. Share it.

Sign it Share it

I signed the petition ages ago. Look, we still had snow on the ground! Now it’s your turn; let’s help Jamie get to 1 million signatures and really make a difference. Psst, if you want a closer look at Jamie’s cause, watch his TED Talk. Powerful stuff.

Okay I signed the petition. What’s next?

I’m glad you asked! Your involvement can be as simple as teaching a child (or a group) to cook a meal from scratch, or leaning about some new ingredients at the local farmers’ market.

At home:

  • Educate. Start by telling your children about Jamie Oliver and FRD. Watch this FUN video he just put together for the day.
  • Make Jamie’s Squash It Sandwich and introduce your kids and their friends to a new vegetable.
  • Round up your friends and host a dinner party, picnic, potluck or barbecue – there’s lots of inspiration on the Food Revolution recipes page.
  • Take your kids to a local farmers’ market, try some new ingredients and cook with them from scratch.
  • Make a commitment to to cook more often with your kids – it doesn’t have to be every day, just a little here and there.
  • Plant something! Visit a local nursery and grab a packet of seeds for $.99. Then get your hands dirty.

At school:

  • Bring in a variety of fruits and vegetables, play “name that produce” or cook up a dish with the ingredients you’ve learned about.
  • Encourage the teachers to visit the Food Revolution Day website and check out the recipes and resources.
  • Ask students to choose healthier options in the school canteen on May 15th (and beyond) – making sure there’s a lot of colour (vegetables and fruits) on their plates.
  • Take part in Jamie’s “Squash It Sandwich” lesson streamed online on May 15th –everyone can cook along with Jamie.
  • Share a cooking or gardening memory with the class.
  • Share Jamie’s FRD musical video with the class. What a great medium for getting the message out.

The lovely folks over at Food Revolution Day have plenty more ideas for you, too. Remember, in all you do, snap and share your photos with the hashtag #FoodRevolutionDay.

Jamie Oliver and Aimee Wimbush Bourque

I’ll be an another elementary school tomorrow, talking to kids about cooking, demoing the Squash It Sandwich and helping out in general. I’ll also give away a few copies of my cookbook, and send an electronic take home of my recipes with the kids. I can’t wait!

It’s truly an honour to join with Jamie and the whole global FRD team for such a great cause.

Have you signed Jamie’s global petition? How are you getting involved in Food Revolution Day?

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Cooking has always been Aimée's preferred recreational activity, creative outlet, and source of relaxation. After nearly ten years in the professional cooking industry, she went from restaurant to RSS by trading her tongs and clogs for cookie cutters and a laptop, serving as editor here at Simple Bites. Her first book, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars - Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites, was published in February 2015.

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  1. Yay Aimée -so glad to see you getting involved in the schools this year! I just posted about my in-class activities leading up to Food Revolution Day and cannot wait until tomorrow night when I will lead a class of parents and their kids teaching them some simple Jamie recipes! Vive la Food Revolution!

  2. I got goosebumps reading this and watching the video- so empowering and heartbreaking and exciting all in one go. Love, love the story of Mateo taking chickens to school.

  3. Love what you are doing, Aimee! I think Food Revolution is even more important in Canada than in England! When I look at what my kids eat now I often think that moving back to Europe was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Although I wouldn’t call the English healthy eaters, there is a much more holistic attitude towards food that exists here. I can’t explain it in words other than people seem to be connected to the food source more here. My own kids started out as picky as they come. I have gone to great lengths to expose them to new food, various fruits and vegetables, bribing was one of them, but gradually we are getting there. Education and patience make all the difference!

  4. Signed and sharing! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  5. Brilliant post! You GO girl!

  6. I love that you brought chickens to Mateo’s school! What fun for the kids…I’m sure they will always remember that day at school 🙂

    I used to teach a handful of middle school, high school, and even one college girl cooking lessons at my house. Now, I just love to invite our kids’ friends over and get them active cooking or baking something around our big kitchen island. I think when we give kids the chance to try new things and work in the kitchen, they will surprise us with their interest and abilities!

    I will definitely share Jamie’s petition tomorrow. I’m thankful for his work on what is such an important health issue today.

  7. SIGNED!! Great post!!

  8. Jamie Oliver is literally everywhere here in London but for some reason I didn’t realize that today is such an important day for his cause. Congrats to you for being so involved – I just signed the petition. AND, I really wish someone had brought chickens into my school when i was a kid. That would have been fantastic!

    • Lucky you, living so close to the action. And, haha, Jamie is so animated, I can only guess he’s managed to turn London upside down.

      Thanks for signing!

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