An Intro to Our Late-Summer Canning Series (vlog)

Okay, so it is fair to say that a certain recent announcement has slowed my canning efforts. I was all set for the season, I had my act together – or so I thought.

Now the exhaustion of a first trimester pregnancy has caught up with me and seems to fill my day with tiredness before it has even started. Getting through a routinely busy week is enough of a challenge without adding a canning project.

Life tends to turn our plans upside down, but we’re so happy about this baby, I can’t bemoan lost canning projects for a second. Instead, my original list of ‘must haves‘ has shrunk considerably and I’m hoping to have more energy in the fall to play catch-up on a few more items.

That said, I’ve called upon some of my favorite domestic goddesses to help me put together this canning series – because there was no way it was all coming out of my own kitchen! Luckily, Shaina, Megan and Marisa all agreed to contribute, despite their busy summers. Thanks girls!

Recently at Big Summer Potluck, I had the opportunity to chat with all three girls about canning. Good sports that they are, they agreed to let me film them for a fun little vlog.

I hope you enjoy it!
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Simple Chilled Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe (vlog)

Thanksgiving is just one week away for us Canadians and around here that means a few constants such as pumpkin desserts, little boys in button-down shirts, and turkey dinner for fifty.

While pie is a staple on the sweet table, I like to round things out with a cool and creamy cheesecake, preferably pumpkin, since they are so plentiful now. A pie is best enjoyed warm from the oven (not always feasible on Turkey Day), but I’m convinced this chilled pumpkin cheesecake only gets better after a day or two in the refrigerator, making it the perfect do-ahead dessert.

I’m keeping this post short because you absolutely must watch my latest vlog. Not only do I demonstrate the easiest cheesecake I’ve ever made, but it is jam-packed full of practical kitchen shortcuts and time-savers! [Read more…]