How Meat Fits Into a Sustainable, Ethical Diet

Written by Shannon of Nourishing Days.

There is a scene in the film Food Inc. in which a seemingly nice guy is interviewed about his giant confinement feed lot. In that interview he states that if the consumers were to demand ethically-raised meat, the farmers would change their practices to meet that demand.

In other words, the power is in our hands. Every dollar we spend on factory-farmed meat is a vote to continue that method of farming.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually feed my family meat every day. I have learned that our family is healthier with meat in our diets, but we try to avoid conventional meats at all costs and I try to serve a lot more vegetables with tons of nourishing fats as a large part of our meal.

Walk into a grocery store, though, and you’re likely to be staring at labels with claims that could mean just about anything, and often not what you might think.

The truth is, these labels are about tricking you into thinking animals live happy, carefree lives when nothing could be further from the truth. To find good meat… real meat… you have to outsmart the labels and beat them at their own game. [Read more…]

Fishing Sucks

Don’t worry, there are other fish in the sea.

This saying might be quipped by consoling friends if someone’s romantic relationship goes sour. Aside from being in bad taste, in my opinion, this phrase implies that the “catch” was one of a near limitless supply of available mates, and one simply has to go back to the “sea” to get another one.

I think this expression, like so many others, exposes or reinforces a viewpoint on life, one of abundant, limitless resources.  We don’t believe that our actions truly make a difference.  This, however is not reality.  The oceans are being depleted, the earth is warming up and species in all life kingdoms are disappearing as fast as humans can document them.

One of the last movies we watched in 2010 was “End of the Line“, a documentary on the decline of the world’s fishing stocks which forced us to consider, yet again, the impact of our eating habits and whims. I strongly urge you to see this film.

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