Bring in a little Spring for a simple Easter tablescape

When we bought an open concept house with no basement and no garage, we gave up a lot of storage space. Now everything from bike helmets to painting equipment has to be stashed somewhere under our roof, tucked out of sight.

It’s helped us to frequently reassess our material possessions and keeps us in check at garage sales. Maybe we can buy it, but can we realistically store our purchase? Most everything in our house has multipurpose uses and if it doesn’t get used in a season or two, it is given away.

Because of our storage limitations, I don’t own a lot of holiday decorations that only make an appearance once a year. I tend to decorate with customizable objects such as jars and candles, cloth and elements of nature. They can be switched up to suit the season, are easy to come by, and can be re-used throughout the rest of the year.

Today’s simple Easter tablescape is another example of the same.

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