Grilling Burgers (Recipe: Bacon and Blue Cheese Sliders)

Written by Shaina of Food for My Family.

Burgers. Hamburgers. Cheeseburgers. Sliders. Patties. I’m sure you have an opinion. How they should be cooked. What sorts of toppings adorn them. The type of bun that the orb of meat sits upon.

Regardless of those opinions, these meat patty sandwiches are rather universal. There’s a good chance that you have your own nostalgic feelings and memories associated with burgers, whether it’s of your dad out on the deck flipping them when you were much younger or it’s a special drive-in restaurant you would visit in the summer that served burgers right to your car window. Maybe your memory is recent, last week at a backyard barbecue shared with friends.

Nostalgia aside, chances are also good that you’ve had a bad burger moment as well. Too dry. Too greasy. The wrong bun. “I thought this was a burger, not a meatball.” Here are a few helpful tips when getting those burgers ready for the grill that will help make burger night a memory-making success.
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