A Summer Potluck, a Blogger’s Retreat & a Moment

Last weekend took place in a series of locations – the Pennsylvania countryside, other people’s kitchens, a barn, and Manhattan. It was an extraordinary time of hospitality, warmth, and laughter — and all with people I had never met before.

The main event was Big Summer Potluck, a gathering I had a hard time explaining to my friends and family here at home. Eyebrows were raised, especially when they heard that it was held in a barn, and that I was staying with a fellow food blogger in New Jersey whom I had never met.

Obviously, I survived four yellow cab rides in New York City, not to mention trekking my pregnant self around the streets on a bustling Friday. However, those adventures are not the focus of this post.

Instead of a recipe or a tutorial today, I’m going to give you a peek into an intimate food bloggers conference, because I know, like my friends and family, you’re already wondering what goes on there.

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