Family Cook Off on Food Network Canada

I really should have mentioned this upcoming event earlier, but my head hasn’t exactly been in the game lately. Unless the game is B-A-B-Y. We’re anticipating her arrival literally any day.

But let’s backtrack in the pregnancy a bit, say, all the way to last August, where I was just two months along and exhausted as heck.

My sister, Miranda and I were flown out to Vancouver to meet up with my mother and older sister Haidi at the very posh Hotel Fairmount Vancouver.

We were there to film an episode for an fun new show called Family Cook Off for Food Network Canada.

Just being together was a incredibly special. We laughed, we cried, we goofed, we ATE fabulously around town, and oh yeah, we filmed a reality cooking show. It was a gas.

So this is a head’s up to tune in! Family Cook Off airs this Thursday, March 1st at both 4PM and 9PM on Food Network Canada. It is also supposed to be available online a day or two after it airs.

Watch the promo! And yes, that is my huge mouth at a mere 33 seconds in…

Hope you tune in and in the meantime, go like Family Cook Off on Facebook for all the updates.

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