Mother’s Day Announcement and a Giveaway!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and so this post is keeping with that theme…
A while back I hinted at a small announcement I would be making soon and I asked “What do you get when you combine a Pregnancy, a Pen and a Publisher?” Well, for starters, let me just say that NO, I am not pregnant as a few of you speculated…but I am thrilled to share that I have had a short story published. For reals!

It’s a true story, one very dear to my heart, because it is about the birth of my firstborn, Noah. My story, together with over fifty other birth stories from real moms around the world, is published under the beautiful titleThe Day My Baby Was Born...”.
Could there be a better announcement for Mother’s Day?

I wanted you, dear readers, to be the first to know, because so many of you are mothers yourself (some very recently!) and you are the best group ever! At the bottom of the post you will have a chance to win one of three copies of this book, so keep reading.

About the book:

Let me just say a few words about The Day My Baby Was Born (Sourcebooks Trade, 1 Edition April 2009). It is beautiful, honest, humorous, raw, inspiring, emotional and impossible to put down. Reading it will make you so proud to be a woman! I heartily recommend it as a gift for that special mom in your life. It has just become my #1 baby shower gift!
This book was the creative idea of author/mother LaNita McMeekan-Cates and a result of several years perseverance trying to get the manuscript published. I am honoured that she chose my story to be included in her remarkable project. Congratulations, LaNita, on your first book–your hard work paid off beautifully!

My contribution to The Day My Baby Was Born is entitled “Night of the Full Moon”, and is neither an astonishing nor particularly exceptional birth story. It is merely the story of one very stubborn 27-year-old determined to give birth without medical intervention and wishing to embrace the experience without painkillers. Along the way she discovers a deep inner strength, one that she believes is bestowed upon all women, and this strength helps her reach her goal. It’s an enlightening moment for her, and one that she will compare all future struggles to, knowing now that she is infinitely stronger than she had ever thought.

Mother’s Day Accolades:

Since this is already a lengthy and personal post, let me just take this opportunity to quickly spotlight three moms who I think are extraordinary (read their stories and you’ll see why) and wish them a very special Mother’s Day.

My sister Haidi gave birth to her third child just a few weeks ago. She delivered it at home. By herself. Yep, that’s right. A home birth had been planned, but the baby came so fast she beat the midwife. My sister did what she had to do and caught the perfectly healthy Amélie Soleil herself. I think I would have called 911, but hopefully I’ll never have to test that theory. You’re hard core, sista’!

Caroline is my sister-in-law, mother to 11 month-old Angelique and pregnant with her second baby. So far this pregnancy has been similar to her first, except for the fact that her husband has been deployed on a six month mission with the Canadian Forces to Afghanistan. Caro, your strength, faith and steady smile are amazing to see. We’re here for you. Happy First Mother’s Day!

Although she is a distant relative and we have never met, I have been grieving with young mother, Gigi, over the recent loss of her only child, five-year-old Braeden. Sweetie, know that he is looking down on you this Mother’s Day and is suffering no more. Your strength and peace is an example to us all and a true testimony of the amazing woman you are.

Of course, sending lots of love to my own dear mum, Zoe!

Mateo & I. Photo by Tim Chin


**Update:This giveaway has ended and the winners are posted! Thanks to all who commented!**

The book’s author, LaNita McMeekan-Cates and I are teaming up on a giveaway that will allow three of you a chance to win The Day My Baby Was Born. I will host the giveaway, and after a week pick three winners. You will send me your shipping addresses and LaNita will ship each of you an autographed copy of this precious book!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post!

Note: for extra entries you can Twitter this giveaway (leave another comment letting me know you have done so) OR blog about it, making sure to link back to this post so I can track you.

Giveaway ends Saturday, May 9 at Midnight. Winners will be announced on Mother’s Day (May 10)

If you are feeling unlucky or wish to own The Day My Baby Was Born regardless of the outcome of the giveaway, you can purchase it through the Amazon widget on my sidebar. That would just make my day! Thanks!

Good luck to all!!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yes, Congratulations. I would love to publish some of my writing — it seems so hard to break into it. My sister is having twins soon — funny how I’m just as excited for her as I ever was for myself!

  2. Anonymous says

    Congratulations! That is awesome!

    Happy Mother’s day!


  3. Isabelle says

    Congratulations on the book! I will make sure to read it! Just reading your post brought back memories at the thought of my little one born 11 months ago today. Our little Cedric was born 5weeks early and has been the light of our life since then. It also brought tears to my eyes at the thought of my mom who died way too early of cancer on Easter. As we all know, motherhood can be both joy and pain, and I will be feeling both this Sunday.

  4. Anonymous says

    I love to read birth stories…I used to search for them all over the Internet every time I got pregnant. Now, not wanting to be pregnant again, I generally stay away! But I would love to read your story in the new book!

    KorrieLou AT msn DOT com

  5. Congratulations on getting your story published! May it be the first of many more!!

  6. This sounds like a great book. I would love to win it and read it.

    charlies_secret_angel2006 at yahoo dot com

  7. Congrats on the book and you said so very nice things to the other mothers

  8. That book sounds fantastic! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks and happy Mother’s Day to you!

  9. Aah Aimee, that is lovely! Nice one and congrats, you deserve it. Like me you clearly love mixing parenting with food, what a combo.


  10. Mixing Bowl Mama says

    I have just discovered your blog and I’m quite smitten…congrats on your story.

  11. Aimee, congratulations on getting your work published! Fantastic! If it is anything close to your super photographs, then the read will be as beautiful as the story’s little star, Noah! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  12. Anonymous says

    Aimee, this may be the first but certainly not the last thing you will ever publish, I’m sure. I can’t wait to read about Noah’s nascence into this world – congrats! Thank you for honoring my son and me and reminding me that even though he is absent from my arms this Mother’s Day, I am still his mother and was honored to have had a part of his brief but splendid life here on earth. May God bless you as you celebrate life daily with your little ones. Love, Gigi

  13. I know I’ll be checking out this book! It sounds great – and I have a few friends that are pregnant with their firsts – I’m sure it would be a great gift!

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