Rustic Rhubarb Custard Pies with a Walnut Crust & a Pie Party

I‘ve made buttermilk dinner rolls in a jar, as well as copious amounts of canned goods, but pie in a jar has eluded me until now. Something about patting the dough into the small jar had me reluctant to try it, although I have admired the trend from afar for some time.

Leave it to Shaina to come up with a quick and easy solution that I could execute despite my sleep-deprived baby brain, and with my pre-schooler ‘helping out’: a nutty crust that is pressed into the jars, thus eliminating the rolling pin.

In this seasonal dessert, walnuts, sugar and butter are whisked together in a food processor and pressed into the bottom of the jars for a simple crust that marries perfectly with the rhubarb and custard pie filling. Yes, we’re still enjoying an abundant rhubarb harvest, and these little pies are the very best way we’ve enjoyed rhubarb all season.

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A Last Minute Appetizer: Baked Brie with Cranberry Sauce and Walnuts

Written by Katie of GoodLife Eats.

I‘m not really an appetizer person, so when Aimée suggested writing about a quick, last minute Thanksgiving appetizer I was a little stumped. I don’t make a lot of appetizers and I didn’t grow up in a family that served them on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was pretty much always just about the main feast. Luckily, my good friend Shaina came through with the idea to do something with baked brie.

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