Coconut-Pecan Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes

This time of year we eat a lot of sweet potatoes at our house. Since the weather turned and the leaves started falling, we’ve been enjoying Sweet Potato Quinoa Tacos, Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili, and even a few Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes here and there.

We also normally include a Sweet Potato dish in our Thanksgiving meal line-up. We don’t, however, have a favorite family recipe that we rely on every year.

Thinking back on recent holidays, I’m noticing the tradition that is evolving is one that includes trying a new sweet potato recipe every year. Over the past few years we’ve tried everything from the classic casserole to sweet potato tamales.

coconut pecan sweet potatoes 2This year’s Thanksgiving menu is definitely going to include these Coconut-Pecan Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes. Not only are they delicious, they are also incredibly easy.

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Roasted, Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Browned Butter

roasted sweet potato puree with browned butter

When they say butter makes better, they must be referring to browned butter, that fragrant beurre noisette that truly does enhance everything it comes in contact with, from chocolate chunk cookies to your breakfast of steel-cut oats.

Brown butter is typically paired with baked goods, but it also elevates savory foods like fish, pastas and vegetables. Case in point: today’s simple side dish of roasted, whipped sweet potatoes with browned butter.

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