Grilling a Steak for Dad and 3 Steak Seasonings

Written by Shaina of Food for My Family.

In our home the grill is generally dominated by my husband. He cleans it, maintains it, claims it as his own. When I want something done out there, I usually just set it on the table and he’ll head outside to light the grill without a word passing between us. This is definitely his territory.

Still, there are times when he works late, when business trips interfere with my meal planning prowess, and when I am the one in charge of the outdoor cooking as well. (Truthfully, there are also times when we simply disagree on the method and final desired product, too. Such is the life of two people with strong opinions about the food they prepare and eat.) It’s those times that it’s important for me to know my way around the outdoor kitchen just as I know my way around the indoor one.

Of course, I may just want to surprise my husband or my dad or my father-in-law with a perfectly grilled steak for Father’s Day, too.
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