Q&A: What Does Your Pregnancy Diet Look Like?

On Monday I’ll be 16 weeks pregnant and am heading for a routine check-up with my amazing OBGYN. You know, I feel a little guilty that I haven’t shared much about my pregnancy on this space. Cravings, nausea, diet, food aversions – I haven’t covered any of those juicy topics since announcing the happy news.

There are a few reasons for my lack of baby talk.

First of all, I was obsessed with my diet in my first pregnancy (aren’t we all?) and may very well have gone overboard with sharing information. So yes, while the excitement of  life inside of me is every bit as wonderful as the first time around, I have cooled off a little on the nutritional facts and calorie counts.

Secondly, it was an extremely uneventful first trimester. No nausea to speak of (I know some of you are going to hate me for that), no serious food cravings, save for one late-night rice pudding hankering that had me up until well after midnight, stirring a pot well of milky rice with vanilla beans. Oh. So-worth-it.

Thirdly – and you knew this was coming – I’ve been so darn busy. Really. And not just with two kids, two blogs, a new non-profit, an upcoming speaking gig, a home, garden, and family to take care of. No, the projects keeping me up late I can’t even talk about yet.

So with a busy schedule and a routine pregnancy, there hasn’t been much time or need to talk prenatal food and diet. Until now.

Here’s the thing: I haven’t gained any weight. Like, nary an ounce.

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