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Tiffany King shares easy family recipes on her site, Eat at Home – Everyday Food for Busy People. She has a husband and 4 children, who she occasionally forces to shuck corn.

How to Freeze Sweet Corn

The following is a guest post by Tiffany of Eat at Home. Welcome, Tiffany!

One of the best tastes of summer is sweet corn.  It’s right up there with garden-fresh tomatoes and sweet tea.  Luckily, it’s easy to preserve summer flavor by freezing corn.  There’s nothing like pulling a bag of corn from the freezer and serving your family the tastes of July and August in the middle of winter.

When buying corn, look for freshly picked ears.  The husks should be green and not dried out.  Peel back the husks and take a look at the kernels.  They should be plump, but not too full. [Read more…]