Weekend links and photos #EatSeasonal July edition

We’re busy rounding up bathing suits, walking shoes, colouring books and airplane snacks as we leave tomorrow for a quick trip to Prince Edward Island.

We’re excited for red beaches, lobster, lighthouses and of course, the home of our beloved Anne-girl. Follow along with our Gentle Island adventures on Instagram! Reception may be in and out, as we intend to explore the rural areas as well as the popular spots, but I’ll be posting photos when I can.

Here’s the #EatSeasonal recipe round-up for July:

And here are a few of my  favourite photos from recent happenings and eats.

photo 1-12

Saturday cornmeal pancakes with rhubarb syrup.

photo 1-13

I can think of more comfortable places to nap other than the top of the compost bin, but whatever makes you happy, right, Coco?

photo 2-13

Few foods are as transporting as a handful of fresh shelled peas.

photo 2-14

It the most wonderful time of the year, basically. Local strawberries at the market.


Clara strikes again with yet another premature harvest. And this is her ‘I’m guilty but I’m cute, right?’ face.


A sign of good things to come: the first chanterelles (girolles) of the season.

Summer dinner

Summer dinners are looking a lot like this potato salad, grilled garlic scapes, sausage, and fresh corn.

Portable mint garden for mojito parties | Simple Bites

How about this old wooden toolbox that I turned into a portable mint garden? Time to plan a summer mojito party, I think.


Lunching in the garden means helping oneself to all the edibles.

Have a wonderful Sunday, all!

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  1. Do they still have church lobster suppers on PEI? Worth watching for, but it has been decades since we were there with our young ones.

  2. oooh i love your garden lunch!!!! and that cornmeal pancakes pic is making me crave them now!

  3. I love your pictures! The cornmeal pancakes may or may not have incited a loud tummy grumble over here.

  4. Oh, dear Anne of PEI! I have to get there someday. Meanwhile, I’ve got to get blueberry picking again because these recipes look darn delicious.

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