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Happy weekend, friends. It’s going to be a productive one for us; after all, there must be some balance to all the pool parties and backyard barbecues of late.

Our July has officially reached cruising altitude and will continue to fly by until we decent into St. Johns, Newfoundland in a little less than two weeks time. There, amid the remote costal villages and scenic seascape hikes, we intent to unplug and connect with nature as a family.

If by chance there is anyone from Newfoundland and Labrador reading this blog, please drop me a note with your best suggestions for good eats, strong coffee…..and best views. I’m simply longing for an ocean view.

Until then, I’ve got cookbook edits to finish, a dozen errands to run and and family to pack up.  I simply must do something with all the basil in my garden before I go. Oh, and I should probably kick this poison ivy rash to the curb. Begone! Does anyone have a good natural remedy to share? Because Benadryl is currently slowing me way down during the day.

Poison ivy, to-do lists and packing aside, I’ve had a beautiful week. Here’s what I loved reading around the web. And below that, a few of my favourite photos for your dinner inspiration.

Gorgeous produce on Simple Bites

July in the garden is dreamy. The root crops are still maturing, but the greens and herbs are glorious! This was a recent haul that I turned into everything from flavoured water to kale salad.

grilled kofte platter

One night this week I grilled up zucchini, beef kofte and green onions for dinner, then topped them with loads of chopped herbs, tomatoes and tzatziki. Simple and delicious.

taco salad

Let the record show that I packed an official office lunch for Danny once this week. It was the previous night’s taco salad leftovers packed in a jar, and he loved it. I sent it with a large bowl, and he emptied the jar into the bowl for easy tossing and eating. For more salads in jars ideas, check out these posts.

summertime pesto pasta

Here’s a semi-homemade, yard-to-table dinner that we all love.yard-to-table: spinach linguine with fresh pesto, broccoli, zucchini & baby peas. The kids call it ‘Hulk pasta’.

summer berries

We’re loving summer berries. I’ve made quick batch of jam and frozen a few bags so far, but have yet to start preserving in ernest. Soon!

Have a wonderful weekend, all.

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Cooking has always been Aimée's preferred recreational activity, creative outlet, and source of relaxation. After nearly ten years in the professional cooking industry, she went from restaurant to RSS by trading her tongs and clogs for cookie cutters and a laptop, serving as editor here at Simple Bites. Her first book, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars - Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites, was published in February 2015.

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  1. Oh I’m so excited for you! We just moved away from St. John’s last year (sadly!) But lived there for 6 years. Love the place and people! My favourite coffee shops are Fixed and Rocket Bakery, both downtown. Oh and Georgestown Bakery… their pain au chocolate!all their pastries! I think there is a new coffee shop in tbe Georgetown neighborhood too. Mallard Cottage is an excellent place to eat and they are all about local ingredients.
    You can drive straight from the airport to the top of Signal Hill in about 20 min.. one side overlooks the harbour and the other the open Atlantic. It’s gorgeous. Be sure to do the trail that connects the top of Signal Hill to the Battery down below.. it winds its way along the cliffs and right beside the Narrows of the harbour.
    Cape Spear.. most Easterly point in North America!
    If you’re headed out of the city.. the Bonavista Social Club. Stone oven pizza! There is an amazing trail near there called the Skerwink Trail.
    Check out the East Coast trail, there’s lots of gorgeous sections within a close drive of St John’s.
    I could go on and on! Enjoy! I love this place. Are you going anywhere else in Newfoundland?

  2. The lighthouse picnic is a great day and fun for all ages. Beautiful views and delicious lunch. Believe reservations may be required.


    So many greats hikes on the east coast trails. In St. John’s check out Quidi Vidi village. Brigus is a cute town not far from St. John’s and if you happen to be there around Aug 12-14, checkout the Blueberry Festival.

    So many great resurants in St. John’s so good food is easy to find! Enjoy your time there!

  3. christina says

    Have you tried jewel weed to combat the poison ivy rash? I use it mostly as a natural dye plant but it’s a well known antidote to poison ivy and oak. It grows abundantly here in Vermont, so likely you’ll find it easily too. Here’s a good explanation for how it’s used — http://www.lonehomeranger.com/2012/07/jewel-weed-natural-poison-ivy-treatment.html

  4. I am from Newfoundland (central) and we have had some awesome vacations there – things look different when you see them like a tourist!
    I suggest that you check out the Down Homer magazine. I was reading it in the airport and the cover story was about the 7 wonders of Newfoundland. Some truely spectacular places…

  5. I am from Newfoundland (a small town and St. John’s). I don’t currently live there, but my parents grandparents and in laws are and extended family are all there so we go back every other summer. BThere are a few places that I always go when I go home to visit. I will get together a list to send you of my haunts of the St. John’s and area that I always have to visit and eat at.

  6. Hey girl great post!

  7. Hi, just read your blog about your trip to Nfld. My brother Alessandro owns a bistro in Gander. It is called Bistro on Roe. Guess what it is on Roe Avenue! Tell him his sister sent you!

  8. For your NL list….if you want to just spend some time along the ocean, don’t miss a drive, stopping along Middle Cove Beach. I truly believe no child should miss the experience of being on a beach when the Caplin roll in, but you are likely too late for that. Nonetheless, the beach is great for the view and the chance to breathe it all in (and out!) Tors Cove, and all along that shore, are wonderful places to ‘just be’. I agree with most of the recommendations for eats, but would add that you should check out the Hungry Heart Cafe for brunch or lunch. The story it carries is just as delicious as the food. And if you are looking for a hearty old-fashioned breakfast, try the Beachy Cove Cafe in Portugal Cove. Both the meal and the view will leave you more than full. If the weather doesn’t co-operate, seek out the exhibit at The Rooms covering the Royal NL regiment. Unlike some, it truly gives you a sense of the whole family when a young man goes off to fight for ‘king and country’. Very well done for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme

  9. Couple of other suggestions, though most people have listed the ones that come immediately to mind. In St. John’s, the Sprout is one of my favorites, vegetarian food and incredibly good! The Georgetown Bakery is just reopened after a fire, croissants and pain au chocolat are excellent! As are the blueberry lemon version, only done Wednesdays. If you are going Trinity way, the Trinity Mercantile and the Two Whales Cafe, just a jaunt down the road are both great places to eat! Fish and chips, By the Beach in St. Philip’s is really good and literally on the beach, kids can run. Petty Harbour has two great restaurants, Chafe’s Landing and the Watershed, really cute little community. The Farmer’s Market might be fun, it is Saturdays, and they often have things for kids to do. Bannerman Park has a splash pad and pool for kids, if we hit that one hot day a summer. The pool is outdoor and the evening family swim is lovely. It is right in the middle of the city. Depending on when you are here, you might hit the regatta (first Wednesday in August). I personally don’t love it, too many people, but some people do. There are lots of hikes around within an easyish drive. Monday nights in July there is open air films downtown.

    I live here, so if you get here and need directions or other ideas, just let me know.

  10. Me again, depending on when you are here, there is a folk festival on aug. 5 to 7, some of the best musicians from all over the island. Things to do with kids as well. Coffee, Fixed might be your best bet, couple of places around downtown. Jumping bean is another place.

  11. Check this post out for your St John’s trip:

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