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This week was a range of ups and downs, including a wisdom tooth extraction for me which I’m still slowly recovering from.

On the bright side, warm rains melted nearly all of our snow, I found the first ramp on the forest floor, and we had sap running all week. I’ll be bringing you a short update on our small scale sugaring off operation later this week, but first, here’s what I’ve been loving around the web.

Hit the jump for a few of our Easter photos. Brunch, lunch, and more brunch.

Easter brunch tablescape

We brunched every day on the Easter long weekend. And why not? We’re morning people, I guess. I did a whole wheat version of these buttermilk maple scones, and they were pretty good. A little on the heavy side; not blogworthy – yet.

Easter brunch tablescape

Monday was a holiday here and we had a house full of family. I prepped avocado devilled eggs, a citrus salad, and individual version of this asparagus goat cheese galette. My sister in law brought fluffy scones and homemade lemon curd. Everything disappeared, down to the last pickled ramp.

Easter kid table

Easter brunch kids table carnage. I love that someone wrote “I love Easter”. I do too.

Easter cake tablescape

There was much to celebrate – birthdays, babies, and general family festivities – so it was well into the afternoon before we finished our cheesecake, coffee and Kugelhopf. A very special Easter indeed.

This weekend is much more practical and work-focused. We’re checking items off our to-do lists (does it ever end??) and getting ready for another big week. Fortunately, there are no dentists visits on the agenda, so I think I can handle whatever comes down the pipe.

Have a beautiful Sunday, all!

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  1. Hi Aimee – thanks so much for including my espresso-braised spring onions and yes bring on the maple syrup!! Wishing you a quick recovery, xo.

  2. Aimee, Thanks for including my smoothie recipe in this round-up! You have a beautiful blog!

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