Weekend links and photos

I happily agreed to attend back-to-back barbecues this weekend because as much summer as possible must be crammed into the next few days.

School starts on Wednesday and so ends our string of late nights and early mornings. And so I’ve made one more broccoli salad, another gallon of sangria and rounded up the portable lawn chairs. There’s a slight chill in the air, but I’ll try to ignore it.

Here are some recipe for both avoiding summers’ end and embracing autumn and back to school:

Preserving summer? It’s on. Also, birthday cake, meals for others, and summer salads: here are a few photos from the week.


Snack break in the garden with Clara. This is her, every day.


Slow cooker blueberry butter is back and it is as good as ever.


These tomatoes at the market are calling me. Time to can them crushed and Marinara.

meal for others
Another batch of summer foods for others.


I’m developing a pickle recipe that (hopefully) my son loves as much as store-bought.

Birthday cake for breakfast. Yes, please.


Summer fruit sangria. It’s the best!


Summer salads as far as the eye can see, at yesterday’s backyard pool party. Who needs grillables when you have this spread?

Have a wonderful Sunday, all!

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  1. Wow, it’s hard to believe summer is almost over. Great roundup. Thanks!

  2. Is Clara’s shirt hers or a hand-me-down from her brothers? She looks so cute!

  3. Marc @ Smell My Kitchen says

    Thanks for the round up Aimee. I agree that summer wasn’t long enough and as they would say in Game of Thrones: Winter is coming.

    Which is never a good sign 🙁

  4. That cake looks delicious, nod the frosting looks amazing!
    I can’t find the recipe. Could you share it please? Thanks!

  5. The food in the pictures looks lovely and I had to laugh when I saw TWO of one of the containers. The tupperware bowls with the hole in the handle so you can hang onto it while you mix are one of my favorites in the kitchen.

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