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After the ice storm earlier this week, it’s finally starting to warm up around here and I couldn’t be more ready for sunshine.

Instead of our usual Sunday dinner, we’re planning a campfire for today – the first of the year. The kids are asking for my campfire mac and cheese and I can’t wait to cook – and eat – out in the fresh air. There isn’t a speck of green in the forest yet, but my rhubarb is popping out of the ground and that is the only indication of Spring I need for now.

In case you’re curled up with a cup of coffee, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite links around the web for this week. My boys decided to have a pillow fight at five-thirty this morning, so I’ve had plenty of time to browse and read. Enjoy!

Queen Elizabeth II at 92: These photos document the making of modern history :: QUARTZ ~ Yesterday was the Queen’s birthday. My friend Emily and I took our girls for afternoon tea at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel (natch) to celebrate and toast her Majesty’s good health.

A Beginner’s Guide to Spring Alliums :: Saveur ~ My wild ramp patch has awoken and it won’t be long before I’m adding them to everything from savoury oats to radish butter. But do you know your way around all of the spring alliums?

Butter Chicken Curry :: Vikalinka ~ Julia’s recipe won us all over this week and is going on regular rotation until grilling season arrives.

Inaugural Rising Awards aims to reward emerging Canadian culinary writers :: Eat North ~ A new scholarship competition for eager Canadian writers who are passionate about food.

Spring Pea Veggie Burgers :: Joy the Baker ~ Looking to eat less meat? Joy has a fun way to change up burgers for spring.

Photo by Marie Asselin

To Change Racial Disparity in Food, Let’s Start With Cookbooks :: Julia Turshen via Eater ~ How white is your cookbook collection? Fantastic read and food for thought.

The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right :: Grub Street ~ I’m not sure this conversation will ever be over, but the article makes a lot of good points.

How to Make a Memorable Lemon Meringue Pie :: Food Nouveau ~ Leave it to Marie to construct the most exquisite lemon pie imaginable.

It takes a village to feed a family :: World Vision ~ Who is your village and what does community mean to you?

More than Maple Syrup :: Eat North ~ Canadians have a new food podcast!

Season 4 Nova Scotia :: Perennial Plate ~ Watch everything that visual storytellers The Perennial Plate produce, but DO NOT MISS the series on Nova Scotia. Here’s an intro.

Have a beautiful Sunday, friends.

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