Weekend Giveaway: Tattler Canning Lids

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Laura!! A big thank you to all who participated. Stay tuned for my BIG birthday giveaway on Friday!

Today’s weekend giveaway is from Simple Bites sponsor Tattler Canning Lids, who make reusable, BPA-free plastic canning lids. A perfect way to wrap our canning series!

Suitable for all types of home canning, Tattler lids are guaranteed to last a lifetime when using USDA approved canning practices.

Many people do not know that the flat metal lids that come in a box of jars are good for one batch of preserves and then should be discarded. We’re supposed to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, right?  Sure, standard lids are recyclable, but with Tattler lids, I use less, can reuse year after year AND they’re a recyclable product.

I learned last summer that the flat metal lids contain Bisphenol-A. It was disheartening to think that in my efforts to remove BPA from my families food, my home canning projects were still tainted.  Not anymore.

Plus, Tattler reusable canning lids can be used with all the same methods of food preservation that you would use a traditional lid such as a pressure canner, water bath, and pickling.

I use a combination of Tattler lids and regular lids for my canning projects (such as yesterday’s Apricots in Honey Syrup!). I make a lot of jam to swap with others or give as gifts and am not parting with my reusable canning lids, so the preserves with Tattler lids are for my own use and the others are to give away.

You can get connected with Tattler via their Facebook page and Twitter account, and be sure to enter the giveaway below.


Thanks to the generous folks at Tattler, one winner will receive two dozen of each size, regular and wide mouth, reusable lids and reusable rubber rings for a total of 48 Tattler reusable canning lids.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. That’s it! ** This giveaway has ended**

Giveaway ends tonight, Saturday, August 13 at 11:59 EST.

Good luck to all!

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  1. Maybe this time! lol! These would be so good right about now!

  2. I would love to win these. This would be an excellant way to make canning even more economical!

  3. Nicola Mahoney says

    These look wonderful!!! I am going to have to look into buying some…or hopefully winning some…:D

  4. Finally! Reusable canning lids! It always seemed like such a waste to me, having to toss the lids once you’re done. These are genius.

  5. Just recently learned about Tattler Lids and would love to win them and give them a try – thanks for such a great giveaway!

  6. Wow, I’d love to give these a try. I hate throwing away the lids once I’m done with the jams and pickles that I make.

  7. I am (literally) about to get up and try to can for the first time (peaches) and wanted to put them in a honey syrup rather than sugar (so thanks for that recipe too!). I’d love to win these for future attempts!

  8. What a great item to have in the kitchen. I use jars for just about everything and would love reusable lids! Thanks

  9. I’d love to give them a try. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Gasp! I didn’t know either the regular disposable lids had BPA in them… Thanks for the heads up on that one! I make a LOT of applesauce for my girls…

    And so – I’d love to get some of the re-usable ones 😉

  11. Vanessa Chesebro says

    I just got into canning and canned peaches, peach jam, blueberry jam and blueberry syrup. I’d love to win some lids to make my “new thing” more constant! 🙂

  12. Would love these!

  13. I tried Tattler lids for the first time this season, and really like the idea of being able to reuse time after time. I miss my canning “music” (you don’t get a “ping” when they seal), but the pure results are better for my family. I’d love another set!

  14. I have not yet started learning canning, and this would be such a perfect way to get started!

  15. June Gibbs says

    During such tough economic times the Tattler lids are the way to go! Would love to try them!! 🙂

  16. Have never seen these before. Disappointing to know the lids I have been using have the BPA. 🙁 Would love to win these and give them a try!!

  17. Pick me! Pick me!

  18. Michele O'Neill says

    OMG! I had no idea that these even existed! I would love to try and add these to my “green-er” lifestyle. So far, I’ve started a compost bin and started using a rain barrel for my raised bed garden. This year I’m expanding the garden and getting ready for next year’s crops. I’m gonna need more jars and lids for all the goodies that will be coming up!

  19. I’ve been wanting to start using these lids because they are reusable. But I didn’t know that regular lids had BPA! Now it’s really time to make the switch.

  20. I really want to win these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. What a great idea!!! These are wonderful on so many levels – health, environment.

  22. I HATE throwing away all those canning lids! These would be such a help!

  23. I’d love to try these!

  24. I love that they are reusable!! About time someone came up with these.

  25. I just started canning and freezing this year, and would love some great lids. Either way, I plan to order from this company, but winning them would be awesome.

  26. I first heard about these lids when I found your blog about a month ago. It would be awesome to win some! (Love the recipes here too by the way!)

  27. This is my first year canning and I am loving it!! I am going to be making the apricots in honey syrup as soon as we finish putting apricots in the dehydrator. I would love to win those lids since we just got 50 or so jars from my mother in law. Please please please. =)

  28. would love to have some of these for this year’s canning.

  29. I would really like to start canning and this would be a great way to start! Thanks for the give a way!

  30. Would love to try these too!

  31. This would be a wonderful prize to win!

  32. I am new to canning and would love to try these lids!

  33. Karla Westra says

    I used some Tattler lids for the first time this weekend! I loved them, so I had to go out and buy some more for the next batch.

  34. HeatherAnne says

    I have wanted to try these, but it’s hard to get away from what you know (Ball lids and rings). Would LOVE to win these.

  35. We are canning like crazy! I would love to try these, I forgot to put them in this year’s canning budget.

  36. Been dying to try these out! Not sure what all we’re gonna can this year but it’s too hot right now, so we’re just dreaming 🙂

  37. Denise Ramey says

    I love to can but have never used this kind of lids. Would love to try them.

  38. These would be a great addition to my canning supplies. I am always buying more lids. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. These would be great!

  40. Kimberly Leech says

    I can’t wait to get started canning this year, starting off with blueberry picking here in Maine. I would love to have reusable lids to go with my new canning jars!!!!!

  41. wow–these sound amazing!! My husband was just watching a how-to canning DVD today!

  42. would LOVE to win these!

  43. How I would love some reusable canning lids!

  44. I would so love to win these!

  45. Jane Smith says

    Very generous of Tattler!

  46. Amanda Mullins says

    Would love to use these with all my canning!

  47. I would love to try these out.

  48. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  49. Love this concept; I’ve been wanting to give these a try. Thanks!

  50. I’ve always wanted to try these.