The Saveur Best Food Blog Awards in pictures

The lights of The Strip from the window of my limo, a mesmerizing fountain that moved to the music of ‪Andrea Bocelli‬, sipping bubbly ‪V‬euve Clicquot while touring a private collection of Picasso’s work – last week was just a little out of the ordinary for this urban homesteader.

Just over a month ago, I shared a story and a virtual award with you when Simple Bites won a Saveur Best Food Blog Award and you were kind enough to tolerate my sentiments and celebrate with me. I guess you could say this post is Part 2 of the story, as I’ve just returned from Las Vegas, where Saveur and the Bellagio hosted a group of food bloggers for the BFBA’s awards.

I’ve only iPhone images to share, as I left both laptop and DSLR camera at home in an attempt at a true mini-vacation, but they capture that full day of celebrating well enough for me to remember it for a very long time.

Vegas view

I invited Tsh to join me, as this was every bit as much her honor as mine, and we caught up over Cosmos and burgers, shopped for gifts for the kids, and stayed up way too late simultaneously watching Ocean’s Eleven and the Bellagio fountains out our window.

Fact: Girl talk is good for business, too. Fact 2: Tsh and I probably won’t ever bring our families to Vegas.

Saveur brunch

This photo perfectly conveys our welcoming and gracious hosts, the Saveur editors, Betsy Andrews, Helen Rosner (standing, left) Kristin Cohen, (standing, right), Cory Baldwin and Kristin Magnani. They truly went all out for the event and no detail was lacking from dawn to dusk.

Saveur BFBA
Photo courtesy of Nom Nom Paleo

Yes, a beautiful setting and an endless supply of fine food and drink were memorable, but what truly made the event remarkable were the absolutely amazing bloggers that attended. Tsh and I caught up with friends (like Joy! above) and I met many new people that I have admired for years.

Michelle and Henry from Nom Nom Paleo are some of the bubbliest, down-to-earth folks (read their Vegas recap) and I really enjoyed chatting with them about kids, apps, and, psst, their new cookbook!

Saveur BFBA Vegas

Saveur awards in Vegas

Saveur BFBA Vegas

The awesome duo Kim and Phil from Behind the Food Carts documenting the fountains on our personalized behind-the scenes look at the Bellagio’s famous waterworks. That tour? One of my favorite parts of the day.

Saveur BFBA Vegas

Many meals, drinks, and conversations were enjoyed throughout the day and we ended up here, at the Hyde nightclub in the Bellagio for, well, more of the same. Talk about a stunning venue!

Saveur BFBA Vegas

With a totally gorgeous Tsh and ever-classy Joy the Baker; posing with the lovely Vanessa, a supremely talented and ever-so-humble New York food photographer.

Saveur Best Food Blog Awards Winnerss

The 2013 Saveur BFBA winners! Well, most of them, as a few could not make the event. Aaaaaand, posing with our personalized Zwiling JA Henckels chef knives. Danger!

Saveur BFBA Vegas

Meredith, I hope we can continue our conversation sometime soon, preferably over another Basil Gimlet.

Brian, thanks for being pescatarian and letting me finish the life-changing coconut ribs at lunch. And for being a good friend.

David and Luise, I enjoyed our conversations and I’ll forever read GKS with an accent now. PS. I’m sorry I told you I harvested my chickens.

Lillie, baking makes friends, but your sunny smile and easy conversation certainly keeps them. I hope you do visit Montreal soon.

Vegas sunrise

A heartfelt thank you to the editorial team at Saveur magazine who put this event together to honor us. I’m sure I’ll be telling stories from this occasion for a long time.

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Cooking has always been Aimée's preferred recreational activity, creative outlet, and source of relaxation. After nearly ten years in the professional cooking industry, she went from restaurant to RSS by trading her tongs and clogs for cookie cutters and a laptop, serving as editor here at Simple Bites. Her first book, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars - Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites, was published in February 2015.

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  1. What a lovely recap! You are a doll and I’m so glad that we met, hung out, and shared meals! We’re gonna show up on your doorstep in Montreal — watch out! 😉

    • I hope you do!! We’d have so much fun. But you’d have to bring your cookbook – I wouldn’t know what to cook for the Paleo crowd! 😉

  2. So very fun to read about you receiving this award! Hooray!

  3. Congrats on the award! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  4. Congrats again! The trips looks like a blast and I LOVED reading all about. Thanks for taking along for the journey!

  5. It sounds like a dream, Aimee. Thanks for the photos and the stories. You looked fabulous!

  6. Lovely! Looks like a dream… congrats again hun!

  7. I loved following your photos on Instagram. What a fun time!

  8. So fun! Congratulations again, Aimee!

  9. Looks like you had an incredible time! Congratulations again!!

  10. That looks like it was a fun experience!

  11. Warmest of congratulations Aimee!! what a dreamy trip and an incredible honor!

  12. What a fabulous trip!! Love the pictures Aimee! Will miss you in Austin this weekend!!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful trip and honor. Just got back from my first trip to Vegas too. It’s a place like no other. Sun and fun.

  14. Great recap! Thanks for the pics of us. We don’t get too many pics of us together usually. Wish we were still there.

  15. I’ve been eagerly waiting for these photos–so happy for you and glad you had a wonderful time!

  16. Incredible pictures, especially the first and last 🙂

  17. Aimee, congratulations!! How completely exciting to experience winning the award and then an amazing trip to Las Vegas! Glad to see you had fun!

  18. Congrats on the award, you deserve it!

  19. Aimée,
    What a wonderful recap. My son and I just watched Ocean’s Eleven over the weekend so I know exactly what you’re referring to!

  20. Oh Aimee! This is such a lovely re-cap. I so wish I could joined you guys out there for the celebration. Such a great group of FUN folks. Congrats again on your win….well deserved 🙂 XO

  21. Luella Staebell says

    Yah, looks awesome, I would definitely go there.

  22. Chuck Lai

    Chuck was born in Vietnam, raised in Pennsylvania and now calls San Francisco home. He was tired of developing and managing websites for other people/companies and serendipitously launched foodgawker in June 2008, which eventually turned into the gawkerverse network of sites. When he isn’t thinking about new features or sites to add, Chuck loves traveling, eating, watching Penn State football and volleyball, cooking, taking photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and working out (in order to eat more)

  23. What a lovely recap Aimée – I was following along on Instagram too 🙂 Well deserved, brava!

  24. What a lovely recap Aimée – I was following along on Instagram too 🙂 Well deserved, brava!

  25. I am so excited for you again, congrats! Thanks for the pictures 🙂

  26. awe it was so great to meet you! love the photo of us. <3

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