Frozen Treats: Roasted Strawberry Sundaes

Beat the heat with our week-long series on simple frozen treats!

Chances are, if you dropped by for dessert on one of these warm July evenings, we’d share roasted strawberry sundaes together out on the back patio. It’s our preferred dessert this month because it’s simple, seasonal, and sensational – just the way I love to cook and eat.

This month I’ve put up strawberries in the freezer, made a dozen jars of Honey Strawberry Jam, and even brewed a pint of strawberry-infused vodka, but for everyday enjoyment, I keep a jar of slow-roasted strawberries on hand. They are just so incredible.

Baking berries? Yes, indeed. Last summer we slow-roasted cherry tomatoes and couldn’t stop eating them; now we’re giving strawberries the same treatment and the result is just as addicting.

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Weekend Reading: Frozen Bites Edition

We touched on frozen treats this week, but really, there are so many more options than semifreddo, popsicles, and iced coffee. Here are a few more ideas to inspire for you the upcoming scorching months.

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Frozen Bites Part 2: More Easy Summer Treats

Written by Shaina of Food for My Family.

This summer marks the fourth year in a house without air conditioning. We survive the 90- and sometimes even 100-degree heat year after year by living in tank tops and flip-flops. I also open the windows and blow hot air around, trying to create a breeze. Finally, I stock my freezer full of cool treats that will air condition my family from the inside out.

Having survived a late July due date with my fourth child in these weather conditions, I’d say I know a thing or two about midsummer frozen fare. I start with the obvious: popsicles and ice cubes, both perfect for plopping into water that can’t get cold enough or running across your skin, and then I move on to things like frozen fruit for daily smoothies and ice cream treats aplenty.

Here are three of our favorite frozen summer treats.

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Frozen Bites Part 1: Simple Treats to Beat the Heat

My first son wore his toddler status like a badge of honor. He was into everything and anything as soon as he was mobile and I quickly had to figure out a few ways to keep him still more than five seconds. One of my favorite tactics was to plop him in his highchair and hand him a popsicle (usually frozen orange juice). It was always guaranteed to give me a sold twenty minutes to put dinner together or answer some emails.

Fast forward four years: I’m still making frozen treats, but now they are helpful to beat the heat and keep the peace between siblings. It is easy to remember that your brother is your best friend when you are both sitting on the back steps eating something lip-smackingly good.

Frozen treats are fun and delicious, no matter how old you are. This week we’ll be bringing you all sorts of simple ideas for frozen treats to make -and enjoy- with your kids. [Read more…]