Avocado Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps with Bacon (paleo, dairy-free)

Avocado Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps with bacon on simplebites.net

Was your Easter lovely? I hope it was. And now it is April? Gracious, I’m so ready for spring, thank you.

Today’s post is going to be quick. I’ve got the family around on this holiday Monday, and we’ve got all sorts of plans that don’t involve mama working. Heehee.

We only dyed a few Easter eggs last weekend, using blueberries for a light purple hue that matched the simple grape hyacinth table centerpiece. Then to use up the boiled eggs, I made these avocado egg salad wraps for a quick lunch.

The flavors were inspired by my favorite Guacamole Deviled Eggs, but these wraps are much faster to put together. You can leave off the bacon for a vegetarian version or spread the mixture between two toasts for a more traditional egg salad sandwich.

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Traveling in Mexico: What we ate (Recipe: Guacamole Deviled Eggs)

Guacamole deviled eggs

I feel like I got the more technical information off my chest in my last post on traveling with kids in Mexico; so now we can get down to the really good stuff: food! I’m dying to talk taco and tequila, as we ate and drank our fair share during our two week stay. It’s kind of what our family does when we get together.

As I explained to Tsh in a recent Homefries podcast, my siblings and I bond best in the kitchen. We’re a family who cooks together, then sits down around a table to continue the conversation.

Here’s a look at how we ate, and a few recommendations for our favorite places in and around Lo de Marcos and Sayulita.

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Squash & Parmesan Crustless Mini Quiches and an appetizers round-up

For years, my party appetizers of choice were tiny handmade spanikopita that I would assemble ahead of time and bake up piping hot and buttery when the party was in full swing. They were lovely, made from wilted fresh spinach, crumbled feta, and sheets of paper-thin phyllo pastry.

At the time, the golden spanikopita were well worth the effort that went into making each one, oh, right down to the last shard of phyllo, but now? I’d be amiss to put those efforts ahead of my young family’s needs.

Appetizers coming from my kitchen have simplified greatly over time as I have added three children to my family. I continue to entertain, but it is rare that I fuss over a menu or pencil in finicky finger food.

Still, I love grazing, and, the big turkey dinner aside, one of my favorite ways to entertain for the holidays is with a table of appetizers and a generous stash of wine. Cookies and coffee usually round out the event and once again, memories have been made with minimal effort.

Today I’m sharing a few of my simpler appetizers, all which are loved equally for their flavor and their ease of preparation.

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leek goat cheese frittata

Make Ahead Hot Breakfasts for Cold Mornings (Leek and Ham Frittata)

leek goat cheese frittata

written by Katie of GoodLife Eats

I like starting my morning with something savory this time of year because there are so many sweet offerings to enjoy with the fall and winter holidays. Savory, protein-rich dishes like Frittata help balance out sweets like Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies and Hot Spiced Apple Cider that too often make it past my lips.

Frittatas offer a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen as well as provide the chance to use whatever contents you have in your fridge.
I find that about 8 eggs, plus a splash a milk can be combined with almost any vegetable, cheese, and/or meat that I have on hand in the fridge for a delicious addition to the breakfast table.

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How to Dye Easter Eggs the Natural Way

Written by Megan of Stetted.

Our family is not religious, but we still enjoy celebrating the arrival of spring with a morning of hunting for brightly colored eggs, followed by an egg-laden brunch table.

We try to not let our son eat food with artificial colors in it, and this year I decided we had to make the same rule when it came to our Easter eggs. True, the colored shell of the egg is not eaten, but why bother with chemicals when you have Mother Nature’s bounty to give you gorgeous hues?

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