blackberry cheesecake popsicles

Blackberry Lime Cheesecake Popsicles

blackberry cheesecake popsicles

Written by Katie of GoodLife Eats.

It has been hot here in Colorado. Hotter than we anticipated before we moved here, but everyone assures me that this isn’t normal. To compensate we have been spending a lot of time at our neighborhood pool, not cooking a lot, and drinking as much water as possible.

Weeks ago, as temperatures soared over 100 degrees F, I knew that we needed to add “make homemade popsicles” to our summer to-do list. I kept putting the task off and forgetting about it as we got busy with our new summer routine and settling in a new place.

Well, I finally got my act together after ordering a fun new popsicle moldOn top of my list of recipes to try was something creamy coupled with something fresh and fruity. These Blackberry Lime Cheesecake Popsicles fit the bill! I was glad to get something done from our summer to-do list. We’ll certainly be experimenting with more flavors and enjoying them with our beautiful Colorado Sunsets.

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Summer Desserts (Recipe: Blueberry-Raspberry Galette)

Desserts while my parents have been in town have been a delightful parade of local colour and flavour, all featuring summer fruit as their main ingredient, as they should, seeing as it’s July and all.

Let’s see, there was a rhubarb-pear crisp, one of my favorite tangy/sweet combinations, made with freshly-picked rhubarb that my neighbor graciously let me harvest from his garden, and this crisp topping.

A sour cream strawberry ice cream helped us keep cool, inspired by a recipe from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. I’ve since made the ice cream again, as it is that good.

I had kicked off strawberry season with two full trays of roasted strawberries, and frozen them in jars. Last week I thawed them for a roasted strawberry ‘Eton Mess’ with crumbled meringue and whipped cream, served in jars. It’s about the perfect dessert, but you can’t attempt the meringues on a humid day as they just won’t crisp well.

Quebec blueberries and raspberries hit the markets this week, however, and they were the inspiration behind today’s fruit-filled dessert. Julie’s recipe was my inspiration for this Rustic Blueberry-Raspberry Galette and it did not disappoint.

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A last-minute Fourth of July dessert: Berries & Cream Pastry Stars

Written by Cheri of Kitchen Simplicity.

Happy Fourth of July! For those of you who may be looking for a last-minute Independence Day dessert or just something fun and summery to make on a whim, this dessert is for you. Puff pastry stars stuffed with a whipped lemon cream cheese filling and summery berries of blue and red.

Puff pastry is my go-to for last-minute desserts because no matter what you do to them, you’re guaranteed the end product is going to be delicious. Plus, you can bake them into any shape and size you want, making them a perfect compliment to any occasion.

Today I chose to roll out the puff pastry, cut out star shapes with a cookie cutter and bake until golden. Once cooled, they get stuffed with a light and fluffy lemon cream cheese filling and slices of summery sweet, fresh fruit.

They make a perfect one- or two-bite dessert for a Fourth of July barbecue, or any summer day that just needs a sweet little pick me up.

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Homemade Strawberry Vinegar and a Spinach Salad with Feta & Pine Nuts

A salad a day is de rigueur around here now that summer has arrived, which means I have to daily face my nemesis: washing greens.

As far as kitchen tasks go, I’d rather shuck corn, peel potatoes, heck, even dice an onion over washing lettuce. I’m not entirely sure why I despise it so much, but the years of salad duty – garde manger – in professional kitchens certainly didn’t spark any affection for the job, and nor did growing my own greens fan any flames.

In one particular restaurant, I was yelled at if the lettuce was gritty. Understandably. But I was also yelled at for taking too long if I took the time required to wash the greens thoroughly (a minimum of three times, if you were wondering). I couldn’t win.

Now baby spinach and beautiful red oak leaf lettuce are growing in my garden. The rain pounds down around them, splashing droplets of soil onto the undersides of their leaves and I see a summer of lettuce washing stretching ahead of me.

Making vinaigrette for my daily salads, however, is a task I do enjoy.

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Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

Written by Marisa of Food in Jars.

I’ve always been of the opinion that when it comes to preserving raspberries, the simplest approach is the best. That’s because to my mind, raspberries are nearly perfect without anything extra. Most years, I struggle to save enough to preserve because I so love eating them just as they come.

However, my rational side always chimes in to remind me that raspberry season is fleeting and that if I want taste them in February, it’s in my best interest to put a few aside for canning. So I squirrel enough away to make a couple precious jars of jam that I ration out into bowls of yogurt or oatmeal.

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